When Hitler wrote Mein Kampf, everything had already been announced but nobody wanted to pay attention due to blindness or cowardice. After Munich, multitudes were full of enthusiasm, only Churchill made the right approach.
Iran is controlled by a group of cruel, totalitarian and dangerous ayatollahs who develop the nuclear weapon in their territory. That country is ruled by a man who wants the atomic weapon, who wants Israel to be disappeared off the face of the earth or displaced to Europe before thinking of a war against the West. Iranian leaders do not serve the people but an ideology. Let’s remember that in 1981, ayatollahs used children to clear mines from the battlefields. Today, history repeats itself for kamikazes are also recruited among children. No second thoughts are given in view of such brutal reality. If we don’t do anything, we’ll deal with dishonour today, with war tomorrow. However, the West hesitates and condemns but does nothing. What are we waiting for? Are we waiting the first missile or for the alliance of extremists from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Syria? We must act now that the Iranian power is still hesitating.
The international action in Iraq, the presence of inspectors and the search for nuclear or chemical elements have ended with a war without victors, but with one defeated: the Iraqi people. The appropriateness of this war is no longer questioned, the damage was already done. A dictator fell, civil war was broken out. Extremisms are present but they should not prevent us from participating in what’s going on in Iran. That’s why the embargo is necessary. An embargo on oil and trade. There’s no doubt that the Iranian people will be affected too, but the embargo will only be effective when the economy is strangled, like in South Africa.
Iranians, those who live in Iran and in exile, know their government is execrable and dangerous. Parabolic antennas and Internet show them that the government subjugating them has nothing to do with fate. Salon diplomacy is over, the geopolitical or geo-religious situation is more extensive, while radical Islam is increasingly organized and transnational. We can still act firmly and avoid going to war.

Le Figaro (France)
Circulation: 350 000 copies. Property of Socpresse (founded by Robert Hersant, it is owned today by planes manufacturer Serge Dassault). This is the reference journal of the French right.

Il faut imposer un embargo aux ayatollahs de Téhéran”, by Bernard Debré, Le Figaro, January 12, 2006.