The threat faced by Iran is increasingly obvious, but the pigeons want to negotiate and the hawks would like Israel to act. The pigeons refused to consider a military option because leaving that opportunity open would strengthen the possibility of using diplomatic channels. The hawks, who had supported the war on Iraq, want to deal only with a problem at a time and count on a Deus ex machina –a Deus ex machina Jew – to do the job for us. However, the major powers cannot have the burden of their responsibility to fall on others.
We support diplomacy, the multilateral efforts to stop the Iranian nuclear program and the creation of a coalition to enforce possible sanctions. We back the efforts made by democrats in Iran, endorse our intelligence capacity building in the country and keep open the military option.
It is a pity that despite the usual protest against the Iranian nuclear program, many people think that it is possible to deal with a nuclear Iran as we did with a nuclear USSR. We disagree. If Iran is a country with a nuclear capacity, there will be a proliferation and that will be the end of the hopes for a liberal Near East. We have to remain firm.

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