Lawyer Nicola Picardi, Attorney General of the Vatican, wants the Pontifical State to sign the Schengen Agreements – although it is not a EU member – in order to improve “the security measures” in light of “international terrorism”.

The objective of the “attorney general” is to foster “exchange of information, common operations, repressive and preventive activities to ensure people’s security” among the members of the European Union and the Vatican.

However, it seems very unlikely that the clauses pertaining to the elimination of border controls, included in the first 1985 agreements, be observed by the Vatican State, since the Attorney General Picardi has mentioned that only “the clauses regarding the enhancement of legal and police cooperation” [1] are the ones he is “especially” interested in. The secret zone of the Pontifical State will remain inaccessible to all, including senior dignitaries of the Church who do not have a Vatican passport.

However, there is nothing that justifies this sudden concern about security. No crime or “terrorist” action has been committed during the period of the death of John Paul II and the solemn inauguration of the pontificate of Benedict XVI, despite the movement of millions of faithful people, since crime in the Vatican City, in the heart of Rome, hardly exists in normal times.

Some experts have another explanation: the Holy See wants to get away from the United States and be under European protection. During the recent funeral ceremonies and consecration, the security of the Pontifical State was ensured by NATO“L’OTAN assure une surveillance aérienne pendant les Journées mondiales de la jeunesse catholique”, Voltaire, August 16, 2005.]]. Nevertheless, the papacy today is concerned about the tensions of President George W. Bush to become the spiritual leader of the evangelic movement and send his missionaries together with the US troops [2].

[1contained in the Convention on the Schengen Agreement, 1990.

[2Franklin Graham, aumônier du Pentagone”, by Edgar González Ruiz, and “Les Églises évangéliques et le jeu des États-Unis dans le monde arabe”, by Charles Saint-Prot, Voltaire,October 7, 2004 and November 14, 2005.