Although his personality does not reflect much, Ehud Olmert is not the kind of person that I appreciate: he behaves as if he were a divine gift for Israel. I remember his aristocratic style during his visit to an old synagogue that was attacked when he was mayor of Jerusalem. It was before the Intifadah and I could not stand Olmert either as a mayor or as a Minister of Benjamin Netanyahu.
However, politicians cannot be judged because of their personalities since all of them are imbued with themselves, and regarding Olmert’s fascination about money, it should not be worse than Ariel Sharon. Actually, a politician should be judged according to what he has recently done, his capacity to rule and his political direction. As for these aspects, I believe that Ehud Olmert is today the most capable person to become Minister. As a mayor of Jerusalem, he did a good job with the Intifadah. As the main support of Ariel Sharon, he was the first to give impetus to the withdrawal from Gaza. He backed this plan because of pragmatism, since he was able to understand that if Israel did not reduce its borders, the world would force it to do it. Another positive aspect: his worst enemy is Netanyahu.
Since Amir Peretz is unable to effectively fight against Hamas, I think he is the most appropriate person. I wish the economic program of the Labour Party be implemented but I would vote for Kadima. I would not buy a second-hand car to Ehud Olmert but I trust him as Prime Minister.

Jerusalem Post (Israel)

The transformation of Ehud Olmert, by Larry Derfner, Jerusalem Post, January 19, 2006.