Dear Mr. Olmert,
I am writing with the hope that you would take some time of your busy agenda as acting Prime Minister of Israel to listen to the hopes of a Palestinian. Despite the conditions you have faced to assume power as Prime Minister, I believe that you have the opportunity to participate in a historical reconciliation. I am sure that you will follow the policy of Ariel Sharon but you have the cards that lacked of. You do not have his negative image in the Arab world and you are aware of the situation of the Palestinians since you were the mayor of Jerusalem for 10 years. Like Sharon, you went against your own ideology and faced the settlers. You left Likud to get rid of the interference of the extreme right wing with the Central Committee.
In a much lower scale, significant changes have also taken place in Palestine. Although I consider that the main issue of the conflict is the occupation, I welcome the option of the pacification undertaken by the Palestinian authorities and the decision of Hamas to participate in the political game.
I ask you to give more priority to face-to-face negotiations than to unilateral actions. Direct talks should result in the immediate cease of violence from both sides and focus on a permanent solution to our conflict. Contrary to the withdrawal from Gaza, violence will only cease as a result of a bilateral negotiation, and in order for the ceasefire to survive, it would be necessary to have frank and serious talks about the future of Israel. The living conditions of the Palestinians will also have to be improved.
I truly wish you success as acting Prime Minister and acting leader of Kadima, but whatever you do during the months to come in order to win the forthcoming legislative elections, remember, I beg you, that the Israeli support of Kadima precisely stems from the fact that this movement adopted a moderate centrist stance.

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