The West has always made us believe that we, the Arabs, are the ones who decide everything in the oil market. But it has never been the case. Even worse, the Arabian petro-countries cannot even determine the fate of their own energy sources.
The current oil crisis is, in fact, caused by Russia. But, is it about the Russian state or about its oil companies? It is still unknown. Vladimir Putin seems to have taken full control not only over the Russian state, but also over its oil companies, especially after sending the “Zionist-western” Mijaíl Jordorkovsky to prison.
The US-European rallies against Moscow are normal, even though the latter did not proceed illegally since it has absolute power to sell its gas to Ukraine at market prices, the western market. Doesn’t Russia have the right to prevent Kiev from stealing its gas? Putin should deal with the will of US-European capitalism, whose objective is to devour eastern Europe within NATO. Ukraine has to pay for its treason by joining the new lover. The agents from the West have to know that the latter cannot protect them from cold, and the West itself was born to take and never give anything. The economic situation in Ukraine is increasingly worse. That is why, there is no doubt that the Russian blow is well calculated. Putin wants to remind Ukrainian citizens that they can find a much better heat in the arms of their traditional allied than in those of their enemies.
The major oil companies from the West, whose policies are run by Kissinger, Thatcher, the Bush family and others, are wrong when they believe, after Afghanistan and Iraq were occupied, that they had taken control of the world oil market. The current crisis confirms the concept of US uni-polarity is not exactly like this. The evidence is no other than the questioning of the capitalist system, as a result of a small oil crisis, which can only mean the first blow in a list of Russian measures intended to strengthen Moscow’s power in the international arena.


الغاز وما أدراك ما الغاز!
التّدفئة لروسيا... التّجمد للغرب
″, by Dr. Adel Samara, AlarabOnline, January 15, 2006.