The newspaper Miami Herald, from Florida, a US state where an important Cuban minority is based and where many of its members got there running away from nationalizations, has taken note without much interest of the election of the “coca-leaf farmer” leader Evo Morales in Bolivia. The title of the article reads – literarily “A Bolivian who praises coca and Fidel Castro”– and underscores, with bitterness, two key issues for the reader’s sensitivity: growing coca in Bolivia and evident admiration of Evo Morales towards Fidel Castro. The relationship between the two issues with the taking of power by Evo Morales is quite irrelevant, but it does not matter. On the other hand, the coca farmers’ movement does not promote cocaine consumption at all. It is a social movement based on the support of the farmers who grow coca leaves, intended for legal or illegal use. In this regard, when the Miami Herald indicated that Evo Morales gave Fidel Castro a bust of Bolívar made with coca leaves, it stressed that the coca is the main component of cocaine but also failed to mention that coca is an essential ingredient of Coca Cola and deliberately hid what the “Liberator” Simón Bolívar represents, as a historical figure, for millions of Latin Americans.