After bombing a Pakistani village near the Afghan border, the Bush Administration has presented no excuses to Pakistan. The purpose of the failed attack was Al Qaeda’s second in command, Aymin al-Zawahiri. Some of his men were hit, though, as well as a dozen Pakistani villagers, including children and women. A previous attack had already taken the lives of eight people too. The Pakistani government protested but the Bush Administration has expressed no regret at all. It would have been good if the media had made more emphasis on our attitude which is bad for our image. Actually, those attacks destroyed the sympathy our help has aroused among the victims of last October earthquake.
Pervez Musharraf’s collaboration with the war on terror has not been satisfactory all the time, but it has been fruitful. Pakistani authorities have arrested half of Al Qaeda’s agents. Without the cooperation of the Pakistani army, the support of the Pakistani Pashtuns to the Talibans would be uncontrollable. Due to its actions, the United States has made the Pakistani military actions in the border more difficult. By helping the United States, Musharraf becomes unpopular. The only one who expressed his regret with regard to this matter was John McCain, and his words were ambiguous too. Our actions against terror should not weaken our allies. We must be very careful with this.

Christian Science Monitor (United States)

The US should express regret for lives lost in Pakistan airstrike”, by Anatol Lieven and Rajan Menon, Christian Science Monitor, January 19, 2006.