The US project to remodel the world map seems to be one of the White House’s priorities. In order to accomplish this goal, the White House would violate all the rules and legal frames related to international law. In this regard, George W. Bush and the neoconservatives immediately questioned the constitutional legitimacy, based on the principles of world sovereignty, and which every country is proud of.
Thus, the United States abrogates the right to attack and assault any one, without any argument whatsoever. Under these conditions, the principle of sovereignty is nonsense. Besides, a state or regime that is unable to determine its fate and make decisions on what should or should not be done, is not sovereign. Having said this, some political responsible ones do not count on the necessary elements that would enable them to talk about certain sovereignty in their own territory.
Violating people’s sovereignty is not a recent practice, but a US-style violation is obviously very different, because the neoconservatives have shown a clear will to remodel the world and impose their own doctrine. Then, the rule is to add allies to the friend’s list, which is increasingly less respected. This does not prevent the “allies-enemies” from being extremely tolerant towards interferences that enable a “moderate attack” whose target is a common enemy in their territory.
Some days ago, the Bush administration, within the framework of its “war against terror”, attacked a village near the Pakistani border. More than 18 innocent people were killed as a result of the attack and sowed doubt within Musharraf’s government as to the blind confidence given to the United States. Pakistan is not the first allied that suffers the US attacks with the excuse of chasing members of Al-Qaeda. This was the case, among others, of Italy some months ago. The US intelligence services arrested the Egyptian imam “Abou Omar”, without any authorization from Berlusconi’s government.
The US, without talking about the illegitimate policy undertaken against its enemies, limits itself to the example of its allies to show up to what extent it has implemented its domination doctrine. The blindness of the Bush administration and its expansionist trend no longer enable us to make a distinction between the friend and the enemy.

Almoslim (Saudi Arabia)

!!السيادة الباكستانية.. بمنظور أمريكي″ by Amir Said, Almoslim , January 17, 2006.