Extrajudicial assassination has become a weapon in the global war on terror and such a weapon is being increasingly used. The Australian government must condemn this tendency and ensure that none of the Australian infrastructures is used by our US ally to launch air strikes against territories of other sovereign states.
The air raid launched to assassinate the deputy of Bin Laden, which was presented as successful, mainly killed innocents, and the target was not hit. It seems that Pakistan was not aware of it and complained. The fact that the US disregards the sovereignty of its own allies is an indication that similar attacks would take place in Australia. The government must, therefore, demand assurances.
The Pakistani government could only come out of this attack weakened when it gets involved in the war on terror. Besides, such an attack undermines the principle of national sovereignty. If Howard’s government does not complain, it means that it accepts such a violation of international law, and that would only strengthen Al Qaeda’s recruitment.
Extrajudicial assassinations are always counterproductive.

The Age (Australia)

Presumptive assassination: the latest in our ally’s arsenal″, by Duncan Kerr, The Age, January 19, 2006.