Did Jean-Charles de Menezes, the Brazilian electrician who lived in London and who was shot at close range by agents of Her Majesty at Stockwell London station on July 22, 2004, know too much about the organization of the July 7 attacks?
Whatever the case might be, the ITN journalist who revealed the police photo of the body of Jean-Charles de Menezes lying on the ground of the station, and obviously the tricky aspects of the arguments of Scotland Yard to justify the assassination, knew too much to come out of the issue so easily. He was arrested as a result of the investigation pertaining to the leak of this document, while his exclusive report was nominated to the Royal Television Society Awards. Actually, it can be clearly seen on the photo that, contrary to the police statement indicating that the victim was wearing “unseasonal” clothing, which would raise suspicions that he was carrying explosives, De Menezes was only wearing a light denim blazer.
Why was he then shot at close range by agents of a new “counterterrorist” section, against the indications given by regular policemen, who were watching the building from which he had just come out and ruled out that he posed any threat at all?