I don’t believe peace is gone with the victory of Hamas for people want peace. The best opportunity for peace is the establishment of two democracies. The recent elections showed the power of democracy. Palestinians exercised their right to vote in a peaceful way and made their discontent known. This election must open the old Palestinian guard’s eyes.
But, on the other hand, I don’t know how one could be an interlocutor for peace when this person is an advocate for the destruction of a country and when he has an armed branch. Elections has just been held and we will closely follow the formation of the government. I repeat that those who want the destruction of Israel can’t be interlocutors for peace. We’ll have discussions with the Quartet with regard to the means to be used to go on with the peace process.
We don’t want Mahmud Abbas to resign but I deny the statements regarding the alleged financial aid we gave to the Palestinian Authority, so that it could have a better image among Palestinians. The funds we provided had been destined to the Palestinian for a long time as part of the USAID budget. We don’t support the party in power.

United States (Department of State)

«Press Conference of the President», by George W. Bush, U.S. Department of State, January 26, 2006. Text adapted from a press conference. We have only chosen the excerpts devoted to the situation in Palestine.