When giving his speech about the «nuclear» strategy, Jacques Chirac was probably talking to Ahmedinejad. This is the only element that could be considered «new» in his speech for it’s not the first time that the French President speaks of the need of evaluating the nuclear strategy of his country. This new speech of the President coincides with political events that points at the recipients of this message. This can be divided into two parts: one firm; the other, inconstant.
The first part has to do with the fact that the «nuclear» issue is still the heart of the strategic defence of France and of its vital interests. In addition, Chirac had chosen a world system based on the principles of international law and collective security, thus rejecting all unilateral measures that would brake the rules of the United Nations Organization. Likewise, in different moments, Chirac has ratified that the model of the French government allows the President to be the highest authority to make assessments and decisions.
The new thing is that the French Republic must adapt itself to the changes of the international scenario. The first change, if it could be described in such way, is the threat coming from great enemy forces. General De Gaulle based his intention of being militarily independent, within the framework of the Atlantic political coalition, on the nuclear issue. Chirac’s threats can be justified by the existence of radical movements announcing the clash of civilizations, cultures and religions. Therefore, «terrorism» is the new enemy that can be personified in a state. In addition, the characteristic inflation of the world economy, among others, predicts an unstable situation for the coming years.
In view of such circumstances, where force is a real indicator that allows to command and be protected against all kinds of risks coming from abroad, Chirac had no choice but to remind the importance of the nuclear devices France is developing.

Newsabah (Irak)

شيراك «والنووي:التصلب واللاتسامح يقودان إلـــى الاعمـــال الجنـــونـيـة»”, by Joseph Samaha, Newsabah, January 27, 2006.