During the past years, we have witnessed the emergence of strange positions in Paris’ foreign policy. Despite this, last week everybody was shocked when they listened to the French President stating that his country was ready to use the nuclear weapon against any country that would use terrorism against French interests. Although Jacques Chirac did not mention any particular target, it is not necessary to be a genius to guess that the list includes Iran and other Arab countries of the Middle East.
What’s surprising is the rupture with the conciliatory attitude that Chirac has usually practiced with regard to Iran and the Arab countries. Let’s keep in mind that he was a strong opponent of the war launched by the United States in Iraq. That attitude had benefited the French societies that competed with the companies coming from the countries of the «Great Satan.» What happened? Two important things took place later. First, the civil war in France some months ago which resulted in riots and burned cars all over the country. Such a violence had, upon Chirac and the French government, the same impact September 11 had on the United States.
In his speech, Jacques Chirac said openly that «Radical ideas claiming for the clash of civilizations are spread in many countries.» Mr. Chirac finally understood the problem: the Jihadists try to advance step by step, controlling city after city all over western Europe. As a French diplomat said: «It’s more than a clash of civilizations. It’s a cancer in the heart of our country that, if not controlled, will destroy France completely»[note: with regard to diplomacy, the author of this phrase is the French extreme right wing political scientist Jean-Marie Le Pen.].
With his statements, Chirac is warning Iran and the Arab countries so that they no longer support and encourage their residents in France to launch attacks similar to those of last year, or plan even worse operations. This attitude reminds that of the American government although we can imagine the scandal that will take place if President Bush dares to speak about the use of nuclear weapons.
Second, the failure of the Europeans – specifically France, Germany and England –with regard to the establishment of an agreement with Teheran to control its nuclear weapons development programme. Up to a year ago, the Bush Administration, having suffered numerous critics related to the destruction of the despotic and threatening regime of Sadam Hussein, had the shrewdness to tell the Europeans: «It’s you who should handle the Iranian crisis.» Europe was involved in the process. After a year, the results are clear. Teheran has done nothing but to confuse and lie to the Europeans who have no concrete achievement to show. Besides, the fanatic leadership in Iran has shown its will to have the nuclear weapon, clearly.
It’s time to act in Washington. Let’s leave the United Nations aside. Russia and China will probably veto any resolution encouraging action. We have to get closer to our European allies; it seems that Chirac is more open to assess the problem with better precision. The recently elected German Chancellor Angela Merkel seems to be closer to the American positions and the English Prime Minister Tony Blair could be convinced.
We must create a consensus with regard to a plan of attack against the Iranian nuclear facilities even when this might provoke a reduction of the Iranian oil production which, consequently, will have a significant impact on western economies. We must act before those crazy people of Teheran get the nuclear weapons.

Washington Times (United States)
Propriété du révérend Sun Myung Moon (Église de l’Unification).

Chirac, the bomb and terrorism”, by Allan Topol, Washington Times, January 26, 2006.