About five years ago, Afghanistan was the launching base of the world’s worst terrorist attack when it was one of the oppressed countries of the world. Today, the Afghan population has elected its first pluralist parliament which, for several years, has counted on an incredible amount of women. This progress has been achieved thanks to the considerable assistance coming from abroad. They still have a long way to go and the international community must provide the proper aid for the turning of Afghanistan into a chaos and a shelter for terrorists should not be allowed. This is the reason why the London Conference will mark a new stage with regard to international aid by giving leaders more responsibilities with regard to the future of the country.
NATO will maintain its assistance on matters related to the security of the country and its reconstruction along with the troops of Operation «Freedom Endurance». In addition, we help president Hamid Karzai to form a transparent, democratic and effective Afghan security force. Spain has been really involved in NATO’s activities in Afghanistan by furninshing one of the most important contingents despite suffering human loses in August 2005. The reconstruction of Afghanistan is our interest and it’s a solidarity issue.

ABC (Spain)

«El papel de la OTAN en Afganistán», by Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, ABC, February 2, 2006.