For Afghans, the United States is a determining element in its reconstruction. Washington has released them from crime, poverty and from being a shelter for terrorists. But, Afghans are worried about the reduction of troops and the economic assistances. Afghans see their country as a patient who has just had several transplants and, therefore, must be in a recovery room, not in the streets.
The reduction of American troops could inspire the Talibans and Al Qaeda. Unfortunately, if American troops are not involved in combats, the media says nothing. As long as the combats remain, Afghanistan will be divided in two parts, something that prevents all reconstruction efforts of the country. The extremist groups in the Parliament will keep trying the passing of laws contrary to public liberties and some neighboring countries, like Pakistan, will keep supporting the Talibans. The United States must calm the Afghans down and the London Conference, no matter how important it could be, won’t be enough.
To rebuild the Pashtuns zones economically and not to identify this ethnic group with the Talibans is essential. The American government and public opinion should undestand that Afghanistan is essential to fight Al Qaeda.

The Boston Globe (United States)

«Alarm in Afghanistan», by Nasrine Gross, Boston Globe, February 2, 2006.