In September 2004, the Bush administration said that murder, rape and violence in Darfur constituted genocide. Since that moment on, hundreds of thousands of people have been killed, but the responsible ones for such a massacre (the Sudanese government and the militias) continue to wage their campaign against the non-Arab population. That campaign began in 2003. Belligerents present or identify their adversaries as “Arabs” or “Africans”, though the distinction is not based in skin color but on language, ethnic group, culture and way of living. The Arabs are nomadic shepherds, while the Africans are sedentary farmers.
_assailants are Arabs, but than does not mean that the Arabs largely support such attacks. The aggressors commit their crimes to destroy a way of life, not by means of immediate elimination, but by putting populations in such situations that lead to starvation. That is the goal pursued by the Sudanese regime and the janjaweed. They sentence the population to death by forcing the people to abandon their villages.
_The United States wants to chair the UN Security Council this month and the US should not miss the opportunity to reactivate international action regarding this issue. It is necessary a larger supply of resources for the refugees and start thinking on compensation for the victims.

San Francisco Chronicle (United States)

Ending the genocide in Darfur”, by John Heffernan y David Tuller, San Francisco Chronicles, February 12, 2006.