Thierry Meyssan

“ Several opinion polls show that today more than half of New Yorkers, more than a third of the German population and more than four Arabs and Latin-American out of five reject the “ world islamic conspiracy ” theory and believe the government of the United States is involved, at least passively, in the organization of the September 11th, 2001 attacks.

This point of view needs to spread. In November 2005, the Voltaire Network organized an international conference, Axis for Peace, widely broadcast by independent television channels in Latin America, the Arab world and the Russian-speaking world. Many personalities attending it denounced the direct responsibility of U.S. power in the organization of the attacks. In the United States, billionaire activist Jimmy Walter handed out 200.000 DVDs debunking the official story and several hundred websites were devoted to the subject. Besides, he offered - in vain – 1 million dollars to anybody who would scientifically explain the World Trade Center collapse. And the latest developments: in the last days, Iranian president Ahmadinejad has expressed his skepticism in an open letter to president Bush while the Venezuelan parliament is about to open an investigative commission on the events.

It is in such a context, the United States’ Department of Defense has released the complete footage of the video recorded by the Pentagon’s parking lot security cameras. This footage does not bring any new evidence compared to the previously published frames that were extracted from it. Everyone can see for himself that no Boeing 757-200 crashed on the Pentagon. As I explained in The Pentagate, and is confirmed by this video, the attack was perpetrated using a very small size, single-engine aircraft. It didn’t crash onto the building, but punched a hole through it and provoked a short and violent explosion. All those elements point towards a missile and absolutely not a commercial airliner.

It is everyone’s duty to shed the light on those attacks in which name many constitutional rights were suspended by the Patriot Act, an anti-democratic regime was established, and the conquest of the Middle-East oil fields was launched.”

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