The resolutions support actions promoting discipline, making full use of working hours, the organization of work and increases in productivity in correspondence with the workers present and future salaries.

One of the documents refers to the ideological activity within labor movements. It promotes a higher involvement of workers in economic management and production plans in their enterprises and encourages saving. It also promotes appropriate training and the striving for efficiency competence as cornerstones of revolutionary education.

A resolution relating to women as workers defends their right to have access to training under equal conditions and the improvement of working conditions so that women can be fully involved in production and services activities.

Another of the 16 documents approved at the Congress stimulates the participation and training of workers in the defense of the country.

In the resolutions, delegates to the congress emphasized assistance for retired people and pensioners. One of the documents guarantees the involvement of those people in the labor movement, where they will be able to pass on their experience and be encouraged to continue enhancing their training.

This past Tuesday, delegates approved the CTC statutes; these regulate the rights and responsibilities of all of the more than 3 million members of the Cuban organization.

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