The Iraqi authorities have strongly refuted British channel BBC 2 information, according to which Israeli instructors are training Kurdish soldiers in Iraq. Yet, the authorities concerned were not able to explain the testimonies and the images collected.

BBC’s Newsnight magazine of 19 September 2006 had presented exclusive images showing huge installations and exposing the training. “Interop” and “Colosseum”, two Israeli mercenary companies reportedly served as a cover for the Tsahal-led activities. The officers would transit through Djibouti to mask their origin.

The Israelis apparently took over from the American mercenary companies already present in Iraqi Kurdistan since the creation of the non-overflight area, at the end of the “Desert Storm” operation, in 1991.
The presence of Israeli instructors in Iraq had been disclosed, more than one year ago, by the Israeli press itself, but the details of the operation were not known.

The neo-conservatives are planning to create an independent Kurdistan by imploding Iraq and severing Turkey and Syria, at the same time. Such a project calls for the creation of a Kurdish army.

BBC’s Newsnight report is available at: Clearing house