His profound humanistic, revolutionary and farsighted concepts have endured and served to stimulate various generations of Cubans to continue the struggle for independence and justice.

Marti, like no one else, warned of the danger for Latin America and the Caribbean of the annexation plans of the rising US imperialism, but he did not limit himself to warning. He decided to fight in support of the poor and face up to the colossus of the North.

Jose Marti anticipated modern political concepts and believed that to lead the fight towards independence and set the democratic basis of the republic he dreamt up the Cuban Revolutionary Party, the most glorious antecedent of the Cuban Communist Party.

His thinking is of such force and validity that it accompanied and encouraged the men and women that participated in the attack against the Moncada Garrison, the expedition of the Yacht Granma and the fight in the Sierra Maestra Mountains.

There was nothing formal in the gesture of Fidel Castro when, with patriotic pride, he told his interrogators, after the attack against the Moncada Garrison that the intellectual author of the July 26th, 1953 action was Jose Marti.

Marti’s ideas, perfectly articulated with the most advanced political thinking of the time run, orient and encourage the extraordinary work of the Cuban Revolution, converted into a reference point for the most current radical and advanced social movements of today.

Inspired by these concepts, Cuba is constructing a just and equal society and has successfully faced the stubborn and constant aggression by the most powerful ’empire’ in history.

In the capacity to create and face the challenges and dangers of this time, demonstrated by the inhabitants of the island, there is the most beautiful sense of justice and alignment with the poor manifested by Marti.

Rooted in Marti, and the vision and intransigence of Fidel, the National Hero’s most loyal and firm disciple, constitutes a shield to stop the current historic conditions that befall Cuba, which Marti called, "The giant of the seven leagues".

The victorious resistance of the Cuban people, faced with Washington’s annexation aspirations, confirms Marti’s maxim that "The trenches of ideas are more important than trenches of stone."

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