Posada Carriles, mastermind of the 1976 mid-flight bombing of a Cuban airliner in mid air off the coasts of Barbados which claimed 73 lives, was seeking his conditional release via a habeas corpus petition claiming that the Department of Homeland Security had not been able to deport him to another country.

The ruling by Judge Martinez denying Posada’s request gives no reasons, although it is based on arguments from the federal prosecutor that Posada should remain in custody pending his trial over immigration fraud.

The court decision means the notorious international terrorist will
remain in prison awaiting trial on felony immigration fraud. While the
deportation order against him remains in effect, Posada is no longer in the custody of immigration authorities, the ruling notes.

The Bush administration has used legal maneuvers to keep Luis Posada Carriles in jail but putting off classifying him for his terrorist
actions until the court gives its verdict on the immigration charges,
said lawyer Jose Pertierra, representative of Venezuela in the
extradition request made by that country against Luis Posada Carriles.

Posada’s trial is presently scheduled for May 11, 2007.

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