Described by Admiral James Stavridis as the absolute power apotheosis of navel combat, the USS Gridley was recently inaugurated in the Port of Miami before 4,000 spectators who observed the Pentagon’s most recent lethal creation.

The new vessel, with directed missiles and 272 crewmembers, was baptized with the name of US captain Charles Gridley who directed the cannons of his vessel Olympia against the Philippines during the beginning of the Cuban-Spanish-American war in the 19th century; a war that ended by ripping away from the Cuban people the independence they had won from Spain.

While the inauguration of the new deadly machinery was held in Miami, the cradle of terrorist aggressions against Cuba, the international media announced the death of another US soldier in Iraq, rising the number of deaths to 3,121 since the beginning of the invasion.

According to US sources, in the month of February alone, 37 US soldiers were killed. With the increase of occupation troops in Iraq, without counting the number of "contractors," the number of coffins covered with US flags continues to grow.

But George W. Bush continues to increase troops in Iraq as well as its strategy of double moral on the issue of terrorism, despite having lost support and a found rejection of his decisions in foreign and domestic policies.

The imperial leader on one hand increases military expenditure while reducing social spending. According to activists, the budget approved by the US President to combat HIV/AIDS in 2008 is not enough. The AIDS Institute in the US alongside other health entities coincide that the figure is not enough to carry out an efficient fight against HIV which affects 1.2 million people in the US, 500,000 of whom are African-Americans.

Rebecca Haag, Executive Director of the Action Counsel against AIDS said that "the needle is pointing the wrong way," risking the lives of many Americans. Bush approved a total of $21 million USD to combat the disease in 2008 through the Ryan White CARE Act, which provides care and medicine, but it is not enough to finance social services and the necessary medicine for those who live with HIV, said Gene Copello, Executive Director of the AIDS Institute.

On the one hand, $21 million USD is not enough to care for millions of lives at risk and, on the other hand, $1 billion USD is used to destroy millions of lives. Meanwhile, US social security is more and more uncertain in the US especially for retirees.

An article published in the online edition of Money and Markets refers the large debt with retirees contracted by giant corporations that have reached $450 billion USD. Among these companies are General Motors, Ford and Exxon. The deficit includes retirement benefits including healthcare spending.

In total, US companies owe close to $1.5 billion USD above what is owed for pensions and benefits. And what does the mass media have to say about these realities? Nothing. However, they have lots of praise for the deadly arsenal of the US Navy.

Author: Luis Alberto Chirino

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