During the session a Framework Agreement was signed for the setting up in Venezuela of 11 ethanol plants and the development of the sugar cane industry for that purpose. Venezuelan Minister of Energy and Petroleum Rafael Ramirez and Cuban Minister of Foreign Investment and Economic Cooperation Martha Lomas signed the document in representation of their respective governments.

This program is part of the joint efforts of Cuba and Venezuela to preserve the environment, reduce the use of fossil fuels and develop alternative energy sources, reported Granma newspaper Thursday.

The alcohol (ethanol) obtained from sugar cane will be used in the mixture for producing gasoline, with proven economic and environmental advantages.

By implementing this decision, Cuba and Venezuela made good on their stated principle of not using cereals, like soy beans or corn, for making fuels, because doing so goes against the millions of people around the world facing serious food shortages.

The Final Declaration of the meeting was also approved and signed by Ramirez and Lomas on the last day of the meeting. It contains a summary of the work done by the two delegations since the previous meeting last month in Caracas as a prelude to the Havana session. It also includes the final report of the results of the bilateral cooperation program of 2006 and includes a detailed description of the projects to be implemented during 2007.

The Joint Declaration was presented yesterday by Martha Lomas. She said the Integrated Cooperation Agreement between Cuba and Venezuela signed on October 30, 2000 by Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez continues to grow every year in its scope, diversity and complexity.

During the meeting, a photo exposition with graphic testimonies of the friendship between Fidel and Chavez was inaugurated. The opening of the exposition was made by poet Tarek William, governor of the Venezuelan state of Anzoategui.

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