Andres Gomez, director of the Areito magazine and founder of the Antonio
Maceo Brigade announced the initiative by the activists from Miami,
Florida and from other US states.

Luis Posada Carriles must be tried for his terrorist crimes demanded
several organizations like The Antonio Maceo Brigade, the Alianza
Martiana, Trabajadores de la Comunidad Cubana, the Jose Marti
Association, the Association of Christian Women in Defense of the
Family and the Circulo Bolivariano de Miami.

In their message the organizations reminded the Bush administration that
the United States is a signatory country of international laws and
treaties that oblige it to choose between two alternatives: to judge
Posada for what he is (a terrorist), or to extradite him to Venezuela,
where he is accused of having planned the bombing of a Cuban airliner in
1976 which killed 73 people.

The message by the Miami-based organizations mentions renowned
ultra-right terrorists who live freely and with impunity in that U.S.
city, under the protection of the Federal Government, while they
conspire to commit more crimes. The names mentioned in the message
include Orlando Bosch, co-author along Posada of the 1976 bombing of
the Cubana civil plane, Pedro Remón, Gaspar Jiménez Escobedo and
Guillermo Novo, all involved in the Operation Condor and in a failed
life attempt against President Fidel Castro at the University of Panama.

How could the United States call for international cooperation against
terrorism if Washington protects terrorists like Posada and the others?,
reads the message by the organizations.

Similarly, the Madrid Committee for the Release of the Cuban Five said
that the US administration can not speak of a war against terror because
it is implementing a policy of destruction against other nations and
because it allows criminal organizations in US territory, like those of
Cuban origin based in Miami. Washington can not talk of a war against
terror as long as it keeps in US jails the five Cuban antiterrorist
fighters: Gerardo Hernández, René González, Ramón Labañino, Antonio
Guerrero y Fernando González, known as the Cuban Five, the stressed the
organizations in their message announcing their demonstration next May,
at El Paso, Texas. ---

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