After all, think about it: What incredible inconsistency to leave Central Asia for “God’s Ambassador on Earth”, charged by the Supreme Being to cleanse the planet of terrorists, but not of course, anyone called Luis Posada Carriles!

On top of this, W. Bush recently announced that he opposed, opposes and will continue to oppose all initiatives by the Democrats, now a majority in Congress, to relate any further war spending to a program for the withdrawal of the occupation troops from Iraq.

News sources explain that in the coming days there will be contacts, meetings, discussions and joint analyses on the president’s new ideas and the demands of the opposition in a sort of tug of war, while the number of dead continues to rise in Iraq, now some 600,000 Iraqis and over 3,200 US soldiers.

And while the skirmishes continue one after another, in the streets the Iraqi people are desperate, and George W. Bush becomes the most unpopular president of the US ever; a growing source of concern among many members of the Republican Party.

If the Republican Party have left behind the happy years of a Congressional majority they have W. Bush to thank for it, with his failed aggressions against Iraq and Afghanistan and the bancrupcy of the public funds paying for more weapons for his invasions, invading the privacy of US citizens with the excuse of “defending the country” and promising education and work to the young without resources in return for fighting in Iraq, if they don’t come home in black bags or lead coffins.

In other words, there are very few ‘contributions’ the US president has made in his almost eight years in the Oval Office, and the worst is that time is running out for him to turn things around.

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