In an official statement published on Friday, the Cuban government
explains that with its decision Washington has ignored the demand of
people around the world and in the United States against providing
Posada impunity and the political treatment of the case.

The decision is considered an insult to the people of Cuba and to those
who lost 73 children and relatives in the abominable mid-flight bombing
of a Cuban jetliner off the coast of Barbados in 1976.

Cuba believes freeing Posada is also an insult to the US people as it
contradicts the so-called "war on terror" declared by the Bush
administration, the document states.

The US government only had to certify the terrorist record of Luis
Posada Carriles to prevent his release and, in tune with Section 412 of
the US Patriot Act, admit that Posada’s release poses a threat to US
national security or the security of the community or any person, reads
the statement from the Cuban government.

Cuba states that Posada Carriles’ release was conceived by the White
House as compensation for his silence on what he knows about "Condor
Operation" —the dirty war conducted in South America—; and plots
against Cuba, Nicaragua and other peoples around the world.

The full responsibility of the international terrorist’s release and
its consequences will fall on the US government and particularly on
President Bush, says Cuba.

Even after Posada’s release, Washington has all the necessary
information and legal mechanisms to re-arrest Posada and put him behind

The Cuban government concludes its statement by recalling that it only
takes a political will to seriously fight terrorism. It recalls that
Bush himself said that if you harbor a terrorist, if you support or
feed a terrorist, you will also be as guilty as the terrorist.

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