An Event and a Regional Tendency

The Sunday Globe paper, which is closely connected to Israeli intelligence and political leadership’s circles, said the new minister of defense Ehud Barak prepares a military force which consists of 20 thousand soldiers to invade Gaza Strip and destroy Hamas movement.
The international press focused on the Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s statements in the US concerning his two demands from US president George Bush which are: deploying international forces on the Lebanese borders with Syria and supporting Salam Fayyad’s government.
An informed diplomatic source said this is the plan of the US secretary of state, Rice, which was coordinated with some Arab states’ intelligence officials.
This plan which is called “Rice-Grob” plan received a painful blow by termination in Gaza. For this reason the Israeli officials move to achieve counter termination in Gaza after the failure of the civil war project and Rice-Grob’s team works to tighten siege on Lebanese resistance. These are various titles for the project of protecting Israel, the diplomatic source concluded.

An Event and a Lebanese Tendency

Arab League’s delegation, which is chaired by Secretary General, Amer Mossa started today its mission in Beirut, Secretary Moussa visited Beirut six months ago, and announced at that time that foreign interventions obstructed his endeavors. When he visited Damascus, he stressed that Syria responded to his efforts in order to help Lebanese to achieve conciliation.
Moussa’s previous intervention did not work and the equation of 19+ 11 ministers failed due to US pressures and the loyals’ insistence on establishing the international tribunal.
Nothing has changed since Moussa’s previous visit and the Lebanese loyals’ provocative statements indicate that there are many obstacles which will hinder the new Arab endeavors.
The US policy which nurtures escalation hindered French president Sarkozi’s initiative and the Arab League initiative is nominated for the same destiny.
The famous writer Michel Sadovsky said the US will put Lebanon under the NATO occupation and change it into a base for invading Syria. The US failed in achieving this goal on last July war, but it is following now other methods to achieve it like using the US intelligence’s fundamentalist factions, and all the tools of Arab and international pressures.

Arab Press

The Emirate paper al-Bayan said the failure of previous Arab endeavors in Lebanon led to more tension and complication in the situation and if the current endeavors fail Lebanon will enter a dark tunnel.
The Saudi paper al-Watan quoted Saudi King Abdallah Ben Aziz as saying that the conflict in the Middle East may lead to an international conflict.
The paper added that the internalization of events in Palestine, Iraq Sudan and Lebanon is an evidence on this.
The Emirate paper al-Khalij said it was more honorable to Palestinians to continue the “stones” Intifada instead of killing each other.

Lebanese Press

Al-Akhbar said Arab League Secretary General Amer Moussa is working in the lost time pointing out that the Lebanese army is achieving progress in Nahr al-Bard camp’s battles.
Ad-Diyar talked about disputes inside Fath al-Islam after killing its field leaders.
As-Safir said the Arab mission in Lebanon is facing the danger of “two governments, Nahr al-Bard camp and launching Katiusha missiles on Israel.
Al-Hayat quoted Saudi King Abduallah Ben Abdul Aziz as saying during his current visit to Spain that he fears the area’s disintegration and its consequences.

International Press

Reuters and France Press agency quoted Iranian deputy foreign minister, Mahdi Mustafawi, as saying that the Palestinian emergency government violated democracy and increases tension in Palestine.
The Israeli paper Ma’ariv said the UN Secretary General envoy, Michael Williams, conveyed to Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, a message from Syria which says Syria is ready to start negotiations with Israel without pre-conditions. An official in the Syrian foreign ministry denied this and also denied what was mentioned by Al-Mustaqbal paper about the Syrian foreign minister’s meeting with Israeli officials in Washington.
The Israeli papers said Israeli infrastructure minister Benjamin Ben Eli’zer held before Winograd Commission all the Israeli leaders of the war on Lebanon as responsible for the aggressions failure.
Ha’aretz said the UN is studying publishing complete maps of occupied Sheba’ farms as an introduction to call Israel to withdraw from the.

Arab Satellite Stations’ News

Al-Jazeera said the Palestinian emergency government held its first meeting in Ramallah after taking the oath before president Mahmud Abbas.
Al-Arabiya said the US lifted the ban on offering aids to Palestinians.
Al-Alam said three Lebanese soldiers were killed in Nahr al-Bard battles.
The Syrian Channel said President Bashar Al-Assad received a massage from Prince of Kuwait Sheik Sabah al-Ahmed Al-Jabar As-Sabah related to the latest developments in the area.

Arab Satellite Stations’ Interviews

A covering of the US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice’s press conference Condoleeza Rice announced releasing urgent humanitarian aids (4 million dollars) to the UNRWA on the condition that they cover the citizens of Gaza Strip, which is controlled by Hamas.
She added that Washington decided establishing good relations with Salam Fayyad’s government.

Television and Radio Interviews in Lebanon

A press conference held by General Michel Oun, head of Change and Reform Bloc.
Oun called for forming a national unity government on the basis that each side should be represented in accordance with its size.
He pointed out that the Arab delegation’s visit may complicate the crisis.

Television Stations News in Lebanon

Al-Manar said the opposition forces welcomed the Arab delegation’s visit, while the loyals rejected it.
The NTV said the by-elections may open the way for a unity government.
The NBN talked about the Arab delegation’s visit to Lebanon and the issue of national unity government while the LBC linked Nahr al-Bard battles with the explosion that went off in Ain al-Hulwe and killed two elements from “al-Sham soldiers” group.
The Future said the army and the UNIFIL took condensed field measures in the south in the aftermath of launching Katiusha missiles on north Israel.