An Event and a Regional Tendency

Some Arab press which analyzed the Palestinian event adopted the US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice’s description of the conflict between Hamas and Fatah as a conflict between moderation and extremism, while an informed Arab sources said Rice found a new interpretation of the measurement unit which was adopted during July war as a basis for interpreting political and military conflicts in the area. Rice said at that time that Israel’s war on Lebanon is a labor of the new Middle East’s birth. Then she added that the conflict in the area is a conflict between extremism and moderation.
Rice’s reference does not need explanation. She publicly announced that she will try to form an alliance between Israel and some Arab states to confront Arab resistance movements and opposing governments. July war was the practical translation of this tendency.
Strangling Gaza with financial and economic siege and preparations fro invading it and pouring the funds and weapons to nurture the civil war under the title of “supporting Palestinian moderates” are Rice’s prescription. But, at the same time, the Americas and the Israelis will not allow Palestinians to get any right. That is what led Oslo agreement and the subsequent editions of the Road map to failure. That is also what pushed Palestinian people to the resistance option.

An Event and a Lebanese Tendency

The Arab League’s delegation which is chaired by Secretary General Amr Moussa started its mission in Beirut yesterday.
Moussa said the mission is an exploration of the horizons of the resumption of Lebanese dialogue and reaching a solution of the crisis between the loyals and the opposition.
The loyals’ circles and symbols considered the visit as a response to Fouad al-Siniora’s complaint, which was submitted to Arab foreign ministers’ council and accused Syria of smuggling weapons and armed men a cross the borders.
The loyals’ focused on the sidelines of their meetings with the delegation on attacking Syria and demanding Arab League to take a stand against it under the title of the Lebanese complaint concerning the borders, while in New York, the Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert used the incident of launching Katiusha missiles on Israel to call for expanding the UNIFIL authority towards Lebanese borders with Syria.
The UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon said deploying observers on Lebanese-Syrian borders requires a joint demand from the two governments of Lebanon and Syria. Bank Ki Moon said after submitting Terry Roed Larsen’s report, which raised angry reactions in Syria and by Lebanese resistance, because it included an accusation that contradicts the Lebanese army’s reports, which denied the repeated allegations about smuggling weapons and took joint steps of coordination with the Syrian army.
A leader from the opposition said Israel and the US are pressurizing to give priority to the topic of the borders and Lebanese loyals’ carry out instructions in this respect. In addition to this, the fabricated events related to this issue aim at affecting the UN to extract an international resolution that expands the UNIFIL missions and isolate Syria from Lebanon in order to achieve military balances that suit the Israeli plans which aim at besieging resistance.

Arab Press

Al-Sharq al-Awsat said the official organization responsible for weapons’ exports in Russia denied that Moscow intends to sell warplanes to Syria and Iran in the aftermath of Russian press’s talk about sending five interceptors (Meg 31A) to Syria and that Iran may benefit from the deal in accordance with the joint defense treaty between Syria, and Iran.
The press added that the US has asked Russia not to sell Syria and Iran offensive weapons.
The Emirate paper Al-Bayan said Washington’s quick support to the Palestinian emergency government raises questions on US plans to divide Palestinians.
Al-Khaleej paper said the failure of Arab efforts in Lebanon and the conflicting stands of Lebanese forces may push towards a compromise based on the formation of a unity government.
The Lebanese paper Ad-Diyar cited news about a meeting between president Bashar Al-Assad and Saudi businessman Al-Waleed bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, who visited Damascus after receiving an official invitation.

International Press

International press agencies quoted US president George W. Bush and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert as saying that they support the Palestinian emergency government and that they work on formulating a joint strategy to fight extremists in Gaza Strip, and that they support a two-state solution.
The Israeli paper Yedioth Ahronoth talked about Chinese plans to start exploring war planes (910) to Iran. French sources said this deal will cause headache to Israel.
The Iranian paper “Sharq” said Iran does not rule out using oil as a tool for confrontation if the US adopts the military option against Iran.
Robert Mali and Aron David Miller published an article in the Washington Post which says that the US support to Palestinian emergency government aims at isolating Gaza, adding that deepening the gap between Hamas and Fateh or between Gaza and the West Bank will increase the complication of the disaster, because it is impossible to achieve security without a real peace process.

Arab Satellite Stations News

Al-Jazeera said two Lebanese soldiers were killed in Nahr al-Bared camp, while some news talked about an imminent truce.
Al-Arabiya said 60 Iraqis were killed and tens of others were wounded in a booby-trapped car’s explosion in central Baghdad.

Arab Satellite Stations’ Interviews

Program: Special Statement
Hamas’s representative at the legislative council Ahmed Abu Halabiyah called fro implementing Mecca agreement which represented in its principles a real partnership.

Television and Radio Interviews in Lebanon

Program: With All the Courage
Lebanese Representative in the Parliament Akram Shuhaib said the topic of Hezbollah’s weapons can only be solved through dialogue.
The journalist Nawfal Nayyuf said the assassination of representative Eidou is different from other crimes and current assassinations no longer benefit the international tribunal.
He added that there is an attempt to carry out a comprehensive coup and push the conditions to the times that preceded the independence Intifada.
Editor-in-chief of Ad-Diayr paper Charles Ayoub said Lebanon is an arena fro international conflicts, pointing out that Egypt opposed the Mecca agreement between Palestinians.

Television News in Lebanon

The NTV said Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa has no initiative or a magical stick for solutions, while the NBN said the Arab delegation stirred-up the existent political stagnation.
On its part, the LBC said Amr Moussa announced he has no initiative, because he is waiting for a series of foreign stations including Saudi King Abdullah’s visit to the French capital, which will be visited also by Prime Minister Al-Siniora next week, in addition to the French envoy Jean Claude Cousseran’s visit to Washington.
The Future said the army is achieving continuous progress in Nahr al-Bared camp.