Current concerns #1 - June 2007
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 The Iraqi Special Tribunal: A Corruption Of Justice by Ramsey Clark, Curtis F.J Doebbler
 A Drop into the Abyss by Haifa Zangana*
 Human Rights Council 5th Session, 11-18 June 2007, Geneva : Major Developments in International Justice – Supreme Iraqi Criminal Tribunal .
 Statement by Mr. Elias Khouri, representative of the Union of Arab Jurists on the report of the Special Rapporteur, Mr. Leandro Despouy, on the Independence of the Judges and Lawyers
 Oral Statement by the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH)on the Independence of Judges and Lawyers
 Statement by Nord-Sud XXI in Relation to the Report of the Special
Rapporteur on the Independence of Judges and Lawyers
 Statement of Juliette Sayegh, Representative of the General Federation
of Arab Women to the UN at the 5th Session of the Human
Rights Council
 Expert on Judiciary Expresses Concern about Saddam Hussein
Trial and Verdict and Calls for International Tribunal
United Nations Human Rights Independent Expert Reiterates
Concerns about Death Sentence on Former Vice President
of Iraq
 UN Human Rights Expert Condemns Assassination of Iraqi
 Human Rights Situation in Iraq
by Karen Parker, International Educational Development
Civilians without Protection
by the International Commission of the Red Cross (ICRC)
Hans von Sponeck – A Different War: The UN Sanctions
Regime in Iraq
 “Attributing a Transparent Statement to the Courage of
One’s Own Convictions
an interview with Hans-Christof Graf von Sponeck on the situation in
Iraq and Europe’s tasks
 “Working to Stop the War and to End the Occupation”
Interview with Mustafa Ali, Iraq*
 UN Round Table on the Human Right To Peace
 “Need Will Increase Dramatically”
 A History of Flight
 Urgent Appeal
 Iraq Needs Help
 Displaced Iraqis in the region
Four Years into the Occupation: No Health for Iraq
by Dr. Bert De Belder*, Belgium
 Caritas Requests International Community to Intervene
 Europe lets Iraqi refugees down all too often
 War in Haifa Street
by Joachim Guilliard, Heidelberg
 «The Terrorist Bush Should Leave»
by Bill Van Auken, USA
 A Global Pact Against Depleted Uranium
by Francis Boyle
 “At the End of the Day, it Was an Iraqi Solution”
To Execute Innocent Women: The Hallmark of Western
 “Sick or Injured Children, who Could be Easily Treated, are
Left to die in Hundreds”