An Event and a Regional Trend

The messages sent by a number of Israeli sides concerning preparations for a coming war, even after two years, against Syria and Lebanon, are seriously taken by many Arab political and popular circles. The source of this assessment is that Israel, which lost the prestige of deterrence in its defeat before the Lebanese resistance, tries to restore it in a new war and this means that it will not choose the course of compromises.
Holders of these opinions look at the Israeli intentions towards Gaza with deep concern, while some analysts believe that Ehud Barak may perform his first show as a defense minister on his road to the position of prime minister by using the force, which consists of twenty thousand soldiers, in addition to air forces and the navy, in accordance with international and US press reports.
Holders of the opponent opinion think that Israel is unable to launch any new war and look seriously at the Israeli –US statements about activating the political process, believing that if the Americans reach a suitable compromise concerning their condition in Iraq at the end of this Summer, the Israeli-Arab negotiations will be activated and the epoch of regional compromise will start in the area.

An Event and a Lebanese Trend

Today is July 12th, the first annual anniversary of the honest promise operation, and the beginning of the Israeli war,which was crowned by the victory of Lebanese resistance.
As-Saniorah’ speech on this occasion was empty of any practical initiatives regarding compensations or rebuilding, but included a political equation that raised vehement criticisms, which is the presidential elections first, then this will be followed by the unity government. Analysts believe that this means that he will cling to his government’s assuming of authorities in the absence of the resigned ministers if the presidential elections do not happen.
This day symbolizes for popular circles the meanings of national dignity, sovereignty and independence and Hezbollah’s credibility as a resistance that achieved victory in the most violent Arab wars with Israel and led Israel to the first defeat that has very dangerous strategic consequences.
The Lebanese remember on this occasion the importance of popular solidarity that embraced hundreds of thousands, who were displaced by the aggression and what Syria offered the Lebanese citizens who took refuge in it and whose number reached half a million or those who crossed the Syrian borders, which the US administration is making one of the fields of its pressures, while some sides sought alternative crossings and roads via occupied Syrian and Palestinian lands raising the anger the majority of the Lebanese.

Arab and International Press

Arab and international press agencies quoted US president George Bush as saying that he will not set a date for his failure in Iraq and will veto any draft resolution for withdrawing the US forces from Iraq.
Thomas Friedman said in an article published in the New York Times that in the shadow of the absence of the US influence on the sides inside and outside Iraq in order to reach a compromise, the US options will be either complete withdrawal or complete presence.
Arab and international press said the Iraqi conciliation front’s representative Ali Al-Falluji has called political forces and parliamentary blocs to oppose the modifications that the Iraqi government introduced to the oil and gas law.
Press information from Riyadh said the Saudi minister of interior prince Naif Ben Abdul Aziz discussed with Iraqi national security adviser Muwafaq Al- Rubai’ie exchanging intelligence information between the two countries.
German press agency said a UN special commission investigates in Chile into the topic of sending mercenaries to work in Iraq, pointing out that there are more than one thousand former Chilean soldiers or policemen in Iraq, who work as mercenaries.
Arab and international press said the press war between the two Palestinian governments in Gaza and the West Bank escalated.
Palestinian sources said that Palestinian people will pay the cost of the disputes that obstructed holding the national legislative council. The Jerusalem Post said the war that the Israeli army is expecting between Israel and Syria will be ten times worse than the July war on Hezbollah, if Olmert does not resort to negotiations with Damascus, pointing out that the Israeli army sources stressed that Syria does not want war but it prepared itself for it.

Lebanese Press

The Lebanese press focused on the anniversary of the July war and read its political dimensions in the light of latest developments on Lebanese arena.
The anniversary coincides with the continuity of clashes in Nahr Al-Bared camp as the press pointed out, while Lebanese president Emile Lahoud announced that Lebanon will always be a resisting country.
The press also focused on the Paris meeting; pointing out that the French envoy Jean-Claude Cousseran’s visit to Tehran tried to contain reactions on the French president’s stands.
The press added that an atmosphere of optimism dominates the Lebanese scene and what enhances it is Representative Saad Hariri openness to the initiative in the last days.

Television Stations’ News in Lebanon

Al- Manar said Hezbollah will participate in the Paris meeting, while the NTV said the party will enter Paris while celebrating the glory of its victory in July war.
The LBC said the battle in Nahr Al-Bared camp approaches the zero hour. For its part, the Future TV, quoted Saad Hariri as saying that dialogue is the only solution to all the problems in Lebanon.

Television Stations’ Interviews in Lebanon

Program: What Next?
Deputy Secretary General of Hezbollah sheik Naim Qassem said that the party has decided after the July aggression not to retaliate against the Israeli violations in order to show the aggressiveness of the enemy and to wait for the politicians’ answers for this.
He added that Israel is weaker than before, pointing out that Jeffrey Feltman’s recent statements aim at covering the failure of the US and Israel. Naim Qassem stressed that the party supports dialogue and will participate in Paris’s meetings, but things should be followed up in Lebanon.