An Event and a Regional Tendency

The Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert arranged the cards and agenda of Sharm el-Sheikh meeting with a political stand that the press said he will announce in the private meeting.
Olmert will inform Abbas that he is ready to offer financial and Security support to Salam Fayyed and the Palestinian presidency to eliminate Hamas and spread their control on Gaza, and after this it will be possible to talk about negotiations on the Palestinian track.
In brief, Olmert will tell president Abbas in the presence of president Mubarak and King Abdallah the second: go and restore Gaza with our support and facilities, then we will talk about the issues of land, settlement and refugees.
The question to be posed is: Will Abbas, Mubarak and Abdallah accept the Israeli partnership and launch war on resistance factions?
The paradox is that while Israel announces that it is unable to end resistance, it works to authorize president Abbas and some Arab states to achieve what it failed to achieve since the occupation of Gaza Strip in 1967.

An Event and a Lebanese

The aggression on the Unifil forces yesterday in South Lebanon was considered by the press and political circles as a part of a general context that started to appear in Lebanon with the emergence of extremist groups that carried out field operations and threatened the Unifil, including Fatah al-Islam and Al-Qaeda cells that the Lebanese intelligence is chasing. The last station was Tripoli clashes, hours before al-Khayyan explosion which may be suicidal according to some unconfirmed information.
Some of the loyals started to admit the presence of Al-Qaeda and its attempt to change Lebanon to a mine filed for its work in the area. Others deny this and repeat their accusations against Syria which are false and baseless according to press sources which referred to a condensed presence of Saudi, Yemeni and Moroccan elements that came through Beirut airport from Iran and Afghanistan.
The press sources said Al-Qaeda leaders threatened to target the international forces last year.
This reflects that Al-Qaeda has an interest in expanding the spots of its clashes with Western forces in the area in as much as this behavior meets in its results the international and local sides’ wish to activate the internationalization project and prepare the Unifil forces in accordance with the seventh item of the first version of the resolution 1701 which was signed by president Bush and former President Jacques Chirac in the first days of July aggression. This dimension and other equally important considerations interpret the Lebanese resistance’s stand which said that the aggression targets it and targets the equation of steadfastness and resistance in South Lebanon. This is the same dimension that pushed the Lebanese army to deal firmly with this event.

Arab Press

Arab Press focused on the booby-trapped car’s explosion in al-Khyyam plain in the South Lebanon that killed 6 Spanish soldiers from the Unifil, pointing out Hezbollah vehemently condemned this aggression and considered it as suspicious and harms the South’s inhabitants.
Lebanese paper al-Akhbar said French president Nicolas Sarkozy will focus on the Lebanese file within the framework of his endeavors to occupy a place in the international diplomatic scene.
The paper added that US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice warned from Paris Damascus concerning “its intervention in Lebanon”.
The paper pointed out that the French-US talks will focus on Darfur, Lebanon and Palestine.
Al-Sharq al-Awsat quoted Lebanese house speaker Nabih Berri as saying that the campaign for distorting facts that targeted opposition and started after Moussa’s departure did not surprise him.
Berry added that electing a president is the outlet from the crisis.

Lebanese Press

Lebanese papers descried the attack on the Unifil force in South Lebanon as terrorist.
As-Safir said fundamentalist terrorism targets South Lebanon’s stability and head for the north.
An-Nahar said terrorism targets Lebanon from the North to the South, while Al-Akbar quoted diplomatic sources as saying that the UN called for discussing this attack on the light of many developments related to the Lebanese file, the resolution 1701 and the borders file.

International Press

Reuters quoted Israeli sources as saying that Tel Aviv prepares emergency plans for launching a big military attack against Hamas in Gaza.
The Israeli papers quoted head of the Israeli military intelligence Amos Yedlin who warned of the possibility of the eruption of a new war this summer with Iran or Syria or Hezbollah, pointing out that there are five sides that practice military action against Israel which are Iran, Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda and Syria.
Amos Yedlin distinguished between Syria and the other sides because it adopts a political track in addition to the military one saying the Syrian talk about peace is not practical.
Ha’aretz said prime minister Ehud Olmert rejected a US demand to negotiate the permanent solution with Mahmoud Abbas.
International press agencies said the Iraqi supreme court sentenced to death former defense minister Sultan Ahmed Hashem, ali Hasan al-Majed, fomer assistant head of Staff Hussein Rasheed Mohamed At-Takriti, while Mutlak al-Jabouri and Sabr Aduri got a life sentence.
Director of Scientific research center for international affairs (Gloria) and editor-in-chief of the Middle East paper for international affairs (Meria) said in a recently published book Hamas’s seizing of Gaza means establishing a second extremis Islamic state in the Middle East after Iran, pointing out that peace hopes vanished and the world should support Israel’s right to existence and self-defense.

Arab Satellite Stations Interviews

Special covering of Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh’s press conference
Haniyeh warned all the sides which participate in Sharm el-Sheikh’s summit from drowning in what he called as “coming illusion”, denying any plans for assassinating Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas.

Television Stations News in Lebanon

Al-Manar said that no one adopted the explosion that killed 6 Unifil solders, while the NTV said South Lebanon changed into a field for targeting the Unifil forces.
The NBN called 14 March group as the New Libyans who gave up Arab endeavors to satisfy super powers and accept their tutelage.
The LBC quoted a western diplomat as saying that he is afraid from changing Lebanon into a field for Al-Qaeda, while the Future TV said the international emergency forces started investigations into the attack on the Unifil forces in South Lebanon.

Television Interviews in Lebanon

Program: Our Economy and the World
Former premier Selim al-Hoss said if two governments are formed in Lebanon, there will be two governments in each house and street.