An Event and a Regional Trend

Arab press circles focused on the backgrounds of the campaign that writers in Saudi papers are launching on the Syrian-Iranian alliance at a time when Riyadh does not miss any opportunity to stress the warmness of its relations with Iran and calls for regional cooperation with it, while the available press information talk about an Iranian-Saudi endeavor concerning Lebanon.
Some Arab analysts say the campaign against Syria reflects a feeling of bitterness resulted from the failure of the attempts to impose political isolation on Syria, especially after the high-ranking Saudi officials’ visits to a number of European capitals, in accordance with a US decision, to test the possibility of preventing openness on Syria.

An expert in international relations said the US plan in this file aims at targeting Syrian-Iranian relations and testing a strategic partnership in Iraq and Lebanon between Saudi Arabia and Iran on the basis of distancing Syria from any role. The practical result of this campaign until now is failure, and president Najad’s timing of the visit to Damascus is a message that stressed the strength of the Syrian – Iranian alliance.
An Iraqi informed source said that Saudi Arabia’s attempt to find a foothold for its influence in Iraq has failed after the Sunnis of Iraq announced clinging to their relations with Syria, due to political, ideological and social considerations. This source added that it is strange that these Saudi writers accuse Syria with responsibility for the large number of Saudis who participate in terrorist actions, while the information say that some of them receive financial support from donations inside Saudi Arabia, and some others enjoy the support of an active wing in the ruling institution, as the government turned a blind eye to them to distance their danger to Iraq, Syria or Lebanon.

An Event and a Lebanese Trend

The regional and international developments related to the Lebanese condition enjoy a condensed press and political following-up, especially the Syrian- Iranian summit, which was held yesterday in Damascus, and the interactions of the US stand that opposes the French envoy Kosran’s visit to Damascus.
On the internal level, the Tripoli bloc was targeted by a campaign of political accusations from its former allies in March 14 alliance, while the Maronite Patriarchy announced clinging to the constitutional quorum of the two thirds to elect the president.

Lebanese public opinion condemned, in this climate, the statements made by the US ambassador Geoffrey Fieltman, who intervened in an internal discussion about the presidential merit through his call to hold a session to elect the president with the present representatives if it is difficult to secure the quorum of the two thirds. What is more dangerous is Fieltman’s implicit threat to any one who opposes his instructions. These threats were interpreted as an attempt to prevent more representatives from expressing their stand towards the issue of the quorum in a way that leads to the failure of Fieltman and his Lebanese Team.
The Available information says that Fieltman fears the formation of a big moderate bloc between the loyal and the opposition that may form a base for a new compromise that does not suit the US calculations in Lebanon.

Arab and International Press

Arab and international press focused on the Iranian president Mahmud Ahmadinajad’s visit to Syria; pointing out that this visit stressed that it is difficult to break the alliance between the two countries.
United Press International said Israeli president Shimon Perez has called for holding direct negotiations between Syria and Israel through a meeting between President Bashar Al-Assad and Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

The correspondent of al-Khalij paper in Jerusalem quoted sources in the Israeli intelligence as saying that Hizbolla has put in central Beirut 250 Iranian medium-ranged missiles that have range of 45 kilometers within the framework of preparations for a confrontation with Israel.
The papers quoted a high-ranking Israeli officer as saying that a wide-scope military operation against Gaza is waiting for the zero hour, pointing out that the US insists on leading the international quartet and its envoy Tony Blair at a time when Hamas threatened to obstruct the early elections that Mahmus Abbas called for.
Arab and international press agencies said Egyptian foreign minister Ahmed Abu Al-Gait said the peace conference that President Bush called for will be held in September in New York on the sidelines of the UN general secretariat meeting.

Russian press agency Novosti said Russia retaliated against the British sanctions by expelling 4 British diplomats and suspending coordination in the field of fighting terror.

Arab and international press agencies quoted Arab League secretary general Amer Moussa and the French envoy Kosran as saying that it is time to help the Lebanese to activate dialogue.

Lebanese Press

Lebanese press focused on the Arab and international initiatives that aim at solving the Lebanese crisis, pointing out that a progress towards forming a unity government is achieved.
Lebanese press said the Security Council held an open session in New York yesterday to listen to the international investigator Serge Bramirts’s eights report on investigations into the assassination of Rafiq al-Hariri, pointing out that the reports proved deductions on explosives and other details.
Ad-Diyar said Arab and international efforts aim at solving Lebanon’s crisis, especially with the approach of the presidential merit.
Arab press agencies said Iranian president Najad met secretary general of Hizbollah Hasan Nasrullah but no information leaked on the meeting.
An-Nahar said Fath Al-Islam fighters took positions in enhanced and fortified pockets in the camp that require on the part of the army to be very precise.
Lebanese press said the second unit of the Korean forces, which will work within the UNIFIL, arrived in Beirut international airport.

Arab Satellite Stations Interviews

News Covering
Mahmud Al-Zahar, one of Hamas leaders, said Mahumd Abbas provokes Israel to attack the Palestinian people.

Television Stations News in Lebanon

Al-Manar said the political circle focused on the results of the French envoy’s visit to Damascus.
The NTV said the Lebanese file is the topic of many foreign initiatives and meetings, pointing out that the French envoy met Arab League Secretary General Amer Moussa in Cairo and the two sides agreed on coordination.
The LBC said the Lebanese crisis moves among Arab capitals through Najad’s visit to Damascus and Kosran’s visit to Cairo.

Television Stations Interviews in Lebanon

People’s Talk
Representative in the Syrian People’s assembly Mohamed Habash said the Syrian – Iranian relations are historic.
Journalist Nehad Mashnuq said Najad’s visit to Syria stresses the strength of relations between the two countries and their strategic alliance.