An Event and a Regional Trend

The data related to the Palestinian condition refer to infinite support to the method of Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, which starts off from the principle of canceling any official recognition of the legitimacy of resistance and mobilizing the available energies and potentials to target Hamas and all the Palestinian fighting factions, whose central cause is the confrontation of the Israeli occupation, which escalated the assassination and killing operations under the new cover of the authority’s new political stand since the abortion of the coup, which was led by Mohamed Dahlan in Gaza under the sponsorship of the US General Keith Dayton.
Meanwhile, political and press circles focused on the security report, which was published by the Palestinian authority yesterday and contained exciting stories on the conditions of the Palestinian security institutions, the penetrations and the aspects of corruption that govern their reality. Publishing the report suggested that Dahlan’s resignation from his position seemed as a preemptive step, while sources, which follow up the Palestinian situation, stressed that what was not declared is the existence of Egyptian and U.S. intelligence reports, which were submitted to Mahmoud Abbas, on Dahlan’s involvement in Sinai’s explosions in order to destroy the relation between Hamas and the Egyptian government, while in Gaza, leading Palestinian sources say that the treasure of information and espionage equipments, which is in the grip of Hamas, now includes many evidences that prove the direct connections between a number of security leaders in the authority and both the US and Israeli intelligence and some Arab intelligence services that cooperate with Israel, and what was published from these information does not represent except a small portion from what the concerned leaderships have now.

An Event and a Lebanese Trend

Lebanese press circles have focused on the statements made by French foreign minister Bernard Kouchner upon his arrival in Beirut, which lowered the ceiling of expectations due to the results of his envoy Jean-Claude Cousseran’s efforts since the Paris dialogue meeting.
What attracted the attention of analysts are the two French and U.S. approaches to the Lebanese condition.
Condoleezza Rice will delegate her assistant David Welch to Beirut or she may carry out a quick visit to Beirut within the framework of her joint tour with secretary of defense Robert Gates. Her statements reveal that Washington provokes the loyals to follow the logic of challenge and reject the unity government through electing a president from the loyals with the quorum of the half plus one, which is considered as a violation of the constitution by a number of representatives from the majority, who warned that this will push the country to anarchy, while the French foreign ministry warned from any provocative action urging Lebanese sides to activate dialogue and reach understandings to protect their country from dangerous consequences.
What is remarkable in Kouchner’s movements is his stress on the French stand, which is open on all the Lebanese sides, especially Hezbollah, and on the honest mediator, who is accepted by the loyals and the opposition. What is also eye-catching is that Kouchner believes in the option of dialogue with Syria.
US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice’s tour and meetings with some Arab officials, which coincide with Kouchner’s visit, raise concerns in Beirut, because Rice demands supporting the line of escalation in Lebanon, while she holds with her the message of starting troops withdrawal and reducing the number of forces in Iraq. This proves, according to analysts, that Washington needs a Lebanese smoke to cover its escape from the Iraqi hell.

Arab and International Press

Arab and international Press quoted the former Russian president Mikhail Gorbachev as saying that the US commits deadly strategic mistakes and pushes the world to a stage of international tension, pointing out that Britain tries to satisfy the US on the expense of other states.
Gorbachev added that he supports the stand taken by President Vladimir Putin in all the issues.
The news internet site Libya Today said that Libya has asked Arab states to sever diplomatic and economic relations with Bulgaria in the aftermath of releasing the nurses and the doctor.
Agence France Presse quoted a high-ranking official in the US Pentagon as saying that the US prepares foe enacting a huge arms deal with Saudi Arabia to face strategic threat in the Middle East.
Arab and International Press said French foreign minister Bernard Kouchner will visit Cairo and meet President Hosni Mubarak and foreign minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit , pointing out that Kouchner will inform Egypt about the French project for a Mediterranean cooperation.
The Israeli paper Ha’aretz said the Israeli army internal internet site, which is connected to all the computers of the Israeli army’s offices, was penetrated in a way that allowed soldiers to read the classified documents.
The Emirate paper Al-Khaleej said that Palestinian acting Prime Minister Salam Fayyad considers peace with Israel as a necessity for his government as dictated by current circumstances and the international situation.
The Israeli paper Ha’aretz said: a group of Palestinian politicians and businessmen are working on an initiative to form a new political movement different from Fatah and Hamas.
French and Arab papers said: two judges heard the former French Prime Minister Dominique de Villipin for two hours within the framework of the complicated financial-political case, Clearstream.

Lebanese Press

Al-Akhbar said the French foreign minister Kouchner’s visit to Beirut penetrated the intensified atmospheres, which accompany preparations for al-Matn elections and suggested that he will continue the French initiative. Al-Akhbar added that the meeting, which Kouchner will hold with participants in the Paris dialogue this evening, aims at following up the agenda of this dialogue, pointing out that the French foreign ministry assistant spokesperson has denied that Kouchner holds with him any kind of mutual guarantees, but he stressed that president Sarkozy is convinced that Hezbollah has a basic role in calming down the situation in Lebanon.
Lebanese press said the possibility of canceling or delaying by-elections in al-Matn has retreated despite the Maronite patriarch Sfeir’s wish to do this.
An-Nahar said confrontations in Nahr al-Bared will enter a new stage and Fath al-Islam fighters launched missiles yesterday.

Arab Satellite Stations’ Interviews

Program : Special Statement
Member of political office of the popular front for the liberation of Palestine Ramzi Rabah said the decision of holding Palestinian elections should not be one sided, pointing out that elections should be comprehensive and guarantee the participation of all the Palestinians.

Television Stations’ News in Lebanon

Al-Manar said Representative Bahij Tabarah, who was close to Rafiq al- Hariri, criticized Saad Hariri and accused the Future Bloc of diverting from the method of the martyr and his heritage to the extent that it demands disarming resistance.
The NTV said General Michel Aoun decided not to appeal to the conciliatory attempts of patriarch Sfeir, insisting on appealing to the dates of elections.
The NBN said the consequences of the July aggression on Lebanon are still affecting Israel and this was manifested in the resignation of the Israeli navy leader.
The LBC wondered if the destiny of al-Matn by-elections will depend on the state consultative council.
The Future said the French foreign minister Kouchner’s visit to Lebanon opens a window on a far hope for ending the Lebanese crisis.

Television Stations’ Interviews in Lebanon

Program: The Hour’s Talk
Official of political relations in the National Liberal Trend Gibran Bassil said al-Matn battle will take place and voters should head for the ballot boxes and not submit to fear and blackmail, because the door of political compromises is closed.

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