An Event and Regional Trend

The Palestinian political crisis enters a new tunnel due to the success of the US-Israeli provocation that pushed Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to take further steps that laid The foundation of divorce with the Hamas Movement in the absence of any work or movements by sponsors of The Mecca agreement or the known mediators in the Palestinian file to reconnect what was disconnected since Dayton’s coup.
Analysts express their concern over developments especially after declaration of the early elections that Hamas rejected and in the shadow of signs of a political conflict that takes sharp forms in Gaza and the West Bank, while the Israeli aggressions and assassinations and arrest of the resistance’s factions’ activists continue, and organizational disputes escalate.
Some experts in Palestinian affairs said the Palestinian authority is becoming more and more a hostage to the Israeli – US calculations while they fear Hamas’s fall in the trap of organizational fanaticism, which isolates it from Fath bases and the other Palestinian organizations and weakens the activity that it represents in the Palestinian street as a holder of the banner of resistance and national rights. The experts believe that Hamas was always able to fortify its political position through avoiding the organizational fanaticism while its opponents always bet on pushing it to the corner of organizational conflict in order to weaken its political superiority.

An Event and a Lebanese Trend

The press focused on the Lebanese army commander Michel Suleiman’s speech, which stressed the reality of Fath al-Islam group and its link to al-Qaeda and his rejection of what was marketed by the loyalists in this respect and formed the center of their statements since the eruption of the battles.
A number of analysts wondered about the evidences that the army collected in the light of the investigations into Fatah a-Islam group and all the Saudi, Lebanese, foreign and Arab prisoners after leaks related to the development of the technical equipment of the group.
The army’s commander stressed that Fatah al-Islam is not conected with Syria or the Syrian intelligence, while the loyalists’ leaders repeated these accusations on every occasion and mobilized their press to launch concentrated campaigns against Syria and hold it responsible for the continuous events.
When the army commander talks about these issues, he speaks the language of evidences and settles the debate. What he announced poses questions on Lebanon’s interest in fabricating a crisis with Syria based on false allegations and on the ruling team’s coordination with the US administration, which said to the army: die and support will come later, as Michel Suleiman put it.
The press also focused on Michel’s Suleiman’s decision to remain in his position until electing a president and forming a new government. This message was welcomed by the Lebanese public opinion and this means that the army will remain unified and keep the state’s unity despite the political division concerning the presidential merit.

Arab and International Press

The Israeli paper Ha’aretz published an article by Dan Ben Davis, which says Israel’s end approaches because the Jews of Israel are in a big crisis due to the current policies of the state.
The Israeli press launched a campaign on Syria saying its arming options are based on the premise of the coming war with Israel.
Yedioth Ahronoth said the anti-aircraft systems in Syria are the biggest in the world and form a wall that protects president Bashar al-Assad, pointing out that Syria invests huge sums of money in anti-aircraft systems to defend strategic positions.
Jerusalem Post said Syria is close to the deployment of a missiles system that can target Tel Aviv.
Los Angeles Times said Iraqi and US officials agree that sectarian violence has retreated in Baghdad, but killing continues in this city which became divided.
International Press agencies said the acting government in Ramallah rejected the plan of the Israeli president Shimon Perez which is called: all the Palestinian captives in return for complete security for Israel, which means captives in return for resistance.
The Emirate paper Al-Khaleej said Hamas and Fatah have escalated their confrontations.
The Washington Post said 110 thousand Iraqis may be accused of treason for helping the US occupation troops and this may make them a target for kidnapping or killing.
The Saudi paper Al-Sahrq al-Awsat said the Turkish justice and development party has decided to nominate Abdullah Gül for presidency.

Lebanese Press

Al-Akhbar said there is nothing new in the endeavors to solve the Lebanese crisis, while As-Safir said the US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice continues her campaign against Damascus and accuses it of supporting Fatah al-Islam group.
An-Nahar said the US ambassador to Beirut Jeffrey Feltman has stressed that he will try to provide a foreign climate for the elections.

Lebanese Television Stations’ News

Al-Manar said the public opinion and local political circles try to identify the traitors of the March 14 group and interpret the public threats of the representative Walid Jumblatt against them.
The NTV said the army commander Michel Suleiman opposes the majority’s opinion by declaring that Syria is not behind Fatah Al-Islam group.
The NBN said when a spark of hope appears some sides extinguish it.
The LBC said commander of the army Michel Suleiman has exploded a series of political bombs and sent regional and overseas messages.
The Future said the 43 days before the presidential merit will witness condensed local, Arab and foreign movements.

Television Stations’ News in Lebanon

Program: Between Two Brackets
- Former representative Naser Kandil said: Lebanon is now witnesses an intellectual and political battle to explain the meanings of the victory which Hezbollah has achieved in July War, and as the victory of 2000 was the beginning of a new stage for Palestinians, the Intifada of this victory is far bigger; pointing out that what Thierry Meyssan has written about this victory is far greater than what we read in the Arab world.
- Former Adviser of the Egyptian foreign minister Abdallah Achaal said Hezbollah’s victory has restored Arab spirits and here lies Israel’s defeat.

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