A Warning after Another and the Horse is Behind the Carriage

We still hear everyday a warning against the collapse of economic situations in Palestine, in general, and in Gaza, in specific.
A warning followed by another but with no response whatsoever, till the news of the economic situation in Palestine has become similar to the weather forecast at winter time, in the sense that all days are stormy and rainy, and there is not difference between one day and another except in temperatures only.
Lately, many views were expressed in the mass media, and among them were economic views that discussed the political situation as an entrance for reaching an economic solution. But these views were only expressed in response to liquidating the problem which Israel has worked on lately with a number of international bodies, (Despite the Good Intention for the International Community), through separating the economic problem from the political situation. The aim was to work on development and presenting Israel as a partner of the Palestinians in the development process.
Anyway, it is not the first time Israel puts the horse behind the carriage, neither is it the first time it convinces the international community to try riding this carriage and wait.

Dubai Attracts Investments Inward and Acquires Outward

Dubai has managed in attracting investments through establishing zones exempted from taxes, among them the establishment of a company for financial services. It also managed to open its real estate sector for foreign investments in 2002.
On the other hand, Dubai acquires valuable foreign assets with the aim of making the Emirate an international center for business, tourism, and entertainment through executing projects such as building the tallest tower in the worlds as well as artificial islands that take the shape of palm trees or the shape of the map of the world.

$200 m for the Establishment of a Real Estate Financing Company in Egypt

The Executive Chairman of the Holding "Naeem Holding", an Egyptian Investment Establishment, said that the group plans to establish a company for real estate financing with a total capital of $200 m with the aim of getting benefit from the increasing demand on real estate in Egypt.

1.9 billion dinars, the Value of the Bought Shares by Arabs at Jordan Stock Market

Statistics issued by "Amman Stock Exchange" pointed out that the total value of the bought shares by non-Jordanian investors since the beginning of this year till the end of August has reached 1941.6 million dinars with a growth rate by 24.0% out of the volume of the overall dealings.

Economic Experts Express Skepticism about Investments in Dubai

Dubai Emirate has become the center of attraction world wide through a series of ambitious investments published throughout the world in fields that start by aviation industry and don’t end by Las Vegas Casinos, but experts think that some of these investments hold many dangers.

The Qatari Investment Authority Varies its Investment Package

The "Qatari Investment Authority (QIA)", which runs the surplus of the revenues of energy exports in Qatar, said that it varies its investment with the aim of decreasing its dealings by the American dollar.
QIA’s Head of Strategic and Private Equity, Kenneth Shen, said during the "China-Middle East Investment Forum" held in Dubai, that the authority wants to vary its investment package because most of the country’s revenues are by the American dollars, adding that the value of assets by the US dollar constitutes the biggest component in the commission’s package followed by Euro, the Japanese Yen, and Sterling.

The Interests of Turkey’s Debts in 20 Years will be $425 bn

A study issued by "Ankara Chamber of Industry" has revealed that Turkey paid $425 bn as interests of its debts between 1983-2005, i.e. 10% of the volume of the national income during the above mentioned years.
Moreover, the study estimated the volume of the national investments during the same period by about $100 bn only.

$215.000, the Value of Reforming and Planting Plants in Jenin Governorate

The Center of Development Work "Ma’an" has signed an agreement with the UNDP for executing the project of reforming and planting lands in "Kafret" area in Jenin governorate. The total value of the agreement is estimated by $215.000. It is worth mentioning that peace project is being carried out within the program of managing the natural resources through partnership, and financed by a loan from the International fund for agricultural development (IFAD), executed in a number of the West Bank governorates through the UNDP.

Central Bank of Tunisia Preserves the Interest Rate by 5.25%

The electronic web site Tunisianonline said that "Central Bank of Tunisia" has decided to preserve the interest rate by 5.25% following its monthly meeting.
The average of inflation of the consuming prices in Tunisia during the first seven months of this year has reached 2.5% compared to 4.7% during the same period of last year.

"Rotana" for Hotels Operates a Five Star Hotel in Iraq

"Rotana" Company for Hotels, located in Abu Dhabi, said that it intends to operate a five-star-hotel in Arbil (North of Iraq) which witnesses a relative calm compared to other parts in the country. It is worth mentioning, that "Rotana" operates about 25 hotels in the Middle East.

The Establishment of a Company Specialized in Water and Dams Between Iran and Syria

The Syrian Minister of Irrigation, Nader al-Buni, has signed with the Iranian Minister of Energy, Parviz Fattah the agreement of establishing a Syrian-Iranian company specialized in water and dams affairs. Al-Buni told the Iranian news agency that ten dams are being built in Syria with the participation of some of the Iranian companies.

The "International Bank for Trade and Financing" Finances Arab Trade

The "International Bank for Trade and Financing" in Syria has signed an agreement with the "Arab Monetary Fund" for financing Arab trade.
Al-Thwara newspaper quoted the General Director of the Bank has saying that the agreement represents a great importance because it finances the Syrian importers and exporters in their trade exchanges from the monetary fund within the context of the program of financing Arab trade with the guarantee of the "International Bank for Trade and Financing".

Small Indexes

- Prices of the American light crude oil have risen by 70 cents reaching 74.74 dollars per barrel, whereas prices of the European Brent Mix have risen by 45 cents reaching 73.86 dollars.
- The agreement of free trade, which had been signed between Chili and Japan, has been put into force last Monday, according to Chilean mass media.
- The total value of the Jordanian local revenues and external donations has reached during the first seven months of this year about 2.23 billion dinars compared to 2.075 billion dinars during the same period of 2006, with an increase of 158.4 million dinars and with an average estimated by 7.6%.

Companies Indexes

- The Group of "Malia Holding" and "Rotana" intend to build a hotel in Arbil in Iraq with a total cost of $55 m.
- "Kuwait stock exchange" said that the Kuwaiti "Mobile telecommunications company (MTC)" will start using its new trade mark starting from next Sunday, giving it the name "Zain".

Exhibitions & Conferences

- "Fairs and Exhibitions", the International Leading Company in the sector of organizing trade exhibitions in the Middle East, is due to hold the "Gulf Educational Supplies Show (GESS)", as well as the "Global Education Forum (GEF)" between 22-24 of next November in Dubai.
- The activities of the first meeting of the Iranian-Iraqi economic potentials is due to start in Tehran with the participation of more than 300 Iranian companies and about 100 Iraqi senior officials and businessmen. The meeting is due to last till next Friday.

Bids & Contracts

- "Kuwait stock exchange" said that "Central Bank of Kuwait" has approved the demand of the "Kipco Asset Management Co. (KAMCO)" for Re-buying 10% of its shares throughout six months.
- The Swiss "Nestlé" company, the biggest company in foodstuff world wide, said that it concluded the deal of buying the American "Gerber" of children foodstuff after it has been granted the official licenses for concluding the deal.

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