Nahr al-Bared Camp Increases the Heat of the Lebanese Economy

After putting a military and political end to the problem of Nahr al-Bared camp, time has come to put an economic end for the camp.
The camp needs the reconstruction of what the military machine has destroyed, and Lebanon, which is accustomed to the "gifts" and "donations" of the donor countries, it asks today these countries to subscriber on the shares of the reconstructions of the camp.
In case the process of reconstruction of Nahr al-Bared camp failed, this would mean that it would have dire consequences, according to the Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora, who held the international community a big responsibility with regard to the bad situations which the Palestinian refugees suffer from.
At the same time, Sanyora admitted that Lebanon was paying the price due to the wrong treatment of the refugees issue for more than five decades adding that Lebanon shouldered heavy burdens beyond its abilities, as a result of the international policies.
The reconstruction of Nahr al-Bared camp will increase the heat of the Lebanese economy one degree more in terms of external debts, conditions of granting donations, and other economic aids, and specially that the Lebanese economy is heavy-burdened with the already big debts.

Bank "Arcapita" Sells it Share by 145 million Pounds

"Arcapita" bank, one of the international investment banks, located in Dubai, said yesterday that it sold together with its partner companies, its share which amounts to the third of the shares of "Zephyr Investments Limited" in a deal of a total value of 145 million sterling.

"Dubai World" Invests $70 m in Juzer al Qamar

"Dubai World", owned totally by Dubai government, announced that it would invest $70 m for building a luxuries hotel and a housing project in Comoros.

"Algerie Telecom" Launches the Service of "Anis" on the Internet

"Algerie Telecom" revealed yesterday that it launched a new service known by "Anis" of high transmission on the internet. In a press conference, the technicians of the company displayed all the technical specifications of "Anis" pointing out the importance of the service it offers to its customers.

23 billion Pounds, the Total Value of "Emirates" Company Investments in the Egyptian Telecommunications Company

The total volume of the Emirates investment in the field of telecommunications in Egypt has reached 23 billion Egyptian pounds, following granting "Etisalat" company the third license of the mobile network.

The Holding Kuwaiti-Jordanian Company Considers Six New Projects

Chairman of the Administrative Board of the holding Kuwaiti Jordanian company, Adnan Musaed al Khurafi, expressed his company’s readiness to take part in the biggest project in Jordan, i.e. the project of "Al Daysei" water which its cost is estimated by $800 m throughout three years. He added that the company is considering taking part in other six big projects in a way that goes in line with the company’s policy in taking part in sustainable and long term projects.

The Kuwaiti Fund for Development Grants Syria a Loan of $12 m

The Kuwaiti fund for economic development has approved on granting Syria a new loan of six million dinars for contributing in financing the project of Deir al Zour-al Hassaka road. It is worth mentioning that this is the second loan to be added to the first one estimated by 6 million Kuwaiti dinars.

The "Export Development Bank of Iran" Supports Holding Pivotal Projects in Afghanistan

The "Export Development Bank of Iran", said in a statement it issued last Tuesday, that it has offered recently financial support for holding two projects in the fields water transforming and rehabilitating roads in Afghanistan.

The French "Total" Asserts that its Activities in Iran have not been Decreased

"Roya Farhang", the Director of the Public Relations Department at the French "Total" company in Iran said on Monday that the activities of the company in Iran have not been decreased, adding that the company is still holding talks with the national Iranian oil company with the aim of reaching an agreement on prices and the cost of executing the project of "Fars LNG" for producing the liquid natural gas in Iran, and developing the 11th phase of the southern "Fars" gas field.

The European Union Integrates the Social Allocations of the International Interim Authority Estimated by 21 million Euro

The European Union asserted that the social allocations of the interim international authority estimated by 21 million Euro will be integrated with the monthly payment for the Palestinian Finance Ministry, with the aim of granting the employees one payment which equals their incomes or pensions.

Small Indexes

- "Tang Poulee", one of the senior directors of cars industry in China, said that Iran has become one of the biggest producers of cars industry in the Middle East, adding that statistics showed that Iran occupy position No. 16 on the list of cars manufacturing in the world.
- Libya and Britain signed in London yesterday the agreement of double taxation. According to this agreement the taxes will be paid only in the country which grants the income and the residence of the financer.
- The Tunisian Minister of Education said yesterday that all Tunisian schools will be connected with the international network "Internet of High Speed" by the end of this year.
- The Qatari Minister of Oil said that the member countries of OPEC decided on Tuesday, during its last ministerial meeting, to increase its production by 500.000 barrels per day.
- The revenues of the Jordanian Industry of Telecommunications and the technology of information have reached $1.8 bn in 2006, with an increase of 17.5% compared to the previous year.

Companies Indexes

- The dealer of the mobile phones "Mobilis" in Algeria said yesterday that it decreased the price of calls of all networks during Ramadan with regard to pre paid system.
- The International "Accor" group intends to build luxuries units in Algeria at Jijel area which enjoys many tourist sites.
- The Algerian "Sonatrach" company announced yesterday that it explored a gas field in Oued Mya (El M’zaïd) basin in cooperation with the Chinese CNPC, raising the number of oil and gas fields explored in Algeria to 15.
- "LG Electronics" company said that its total volume of purchasing has reached $1.675 bn during the first half of 2007 in the Middle East and Africa, with an average of growth rate estimated by 25% compared to the same period of 2006.

Bids & Contracts

- The holding "Oman & Emirates Investment Holding Co. (SAOG)" announced that it acquired 2.16% with an investment value estimated by 33.4 million dirhams at "Al Barari Firm Management LLC".

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