The Equity of the General Extremis

The ultimate goal of the sustainable development is guaranteeing the humans’ rights of enjoying the natural resources on the condition of preserving the rights of the next generations, with their diverse origins, to inherit the sources that would enable them to realize their legitimate dreams and hopes. In case other body; a governmental, ethnic, a sect, a political or economic bloc intervened by force, without having that right, to change the path of the developmental process the other human component that are harmed will start to defend through many reactions, among them the rise of the phenomena of "extremism" which the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has warned against lately in a speech he delivered at the General Assembly of the United Nations, saying that poverty and economic retardation are two main factors for the rise of this phenomena. In fact, extremism is the product of hindering human beings: individuals, instructions, and groups to exercise their rights and get equal opportunities. In other words, the root of this phenomena is an economic one caused by he who owns the keys of the management of the economic resources domestically and worldwide. Finally, as the sustainable development guarantees peace, extremism is the product of poverty and neediness.

A File of "Disasters" Waiting for the New French Chairman of the International Monetary Bank

Following his appointment as a Chairman of the International Monetary Fund for five years, the former French Minister of Finance Dominique Strauss-Kahn pledged to work on reforming the fund and making it more adoptable with the futuristic challenges. He further said that he will continue the process of reforms the fund needs so that it will be able to make the financial stability at the service of the international family with the aim of increasing growth rates and job opportunities.

The Expansion of the Activities of the Syrian-German Telecommunications Company

The Syrian German Company for Telecommunications has decided adding "the study of the net works of the infrastructures of the internet services and mobile telecommunications to its economic activities", and the possibility of the company to exchange data base, designing, implementing, managing, operating, manufacturing its components and exporting and importing them as well as installing and maintaining the necessary equipment for that.

Half a Billion US Dollars, the Profits of Palestinian Shares in Three Weeks

The prices of the Palestinian shares have continued their rise for the third week consecutively, achieving new profits estimated by $245 m last week, raising their accumulated profits to about $477 m within three weeks.

The World Bank Says Egypt Achieves Progress in Terms of Investments

The World Bank has issued the list of the best countries in the world in terms of the environment of investment. Singapore was ranked first followed by New Zealand and the US. The Worldl Bank further said that Egypt has achieved a considerable progress in terms of decreasing the bureaucratic measures for improving the conditions of the environment of investment.

The Establishment of Chinese-Egyptian Companies for Manufacturing Mobile Phones

Egypt and China have signed a number of agreements for establishing several joint companies for manufacturing mobile phones with the aim of domestic use as well as exporting them with a total value that exceeded $50 m and with a production capacity of 150.000 mobile phones daily.

The Tunisian Central Bank Preserves the Rate of the Main Interest

The Tunisian Central Bank has decided to preserve the rate of the main interest by 5.25%. The bank said that among the factors which pushed it towards taking that decision was the rise of the inflation average by 3.3% due to the rise of food stuff and services prices.

Kuwait National Bank Postpones Selling its Shares Till December

Kuwait National Bank said that it would wait till next January for starting selling shares for the current investor because he needed the approval of the government for the selling of these shares estimated by 409.6 million dinars "$1.464 bn".

Small Indexes

- The Iranian TV quoted a senior official as saying that Iran discovered huge reserves of gas with a total quantity estimated by 11.4 trillion cubic meters at (Janoubi) field.
- Russian Deputy Prime Minister, Alexander Zhukov said that the volume of the exchange rate between Russia and China will increase reaching $60 bn per year by 2009, compared to the volume of last year estimated at $28.64 bn.
- The net international reserves of hard currencies owned by the Egyptian Central Bank have achieved a rise reaching $29.7 bn last August 2007 with an increase of 24.3% compared to the same month of 2006.
- The Mauritanian government and the American Agency for International Development have signed an agreement estimated at $2.94 m, aiming at encouraging peace through development, according to local and international mass media.
- The volume of trade exchange between Iran and Turkey during the last 8 months has reached 5 billion, 26 million, and 976.000 US dollars, with an increase of 21.26% compared to the same period of 2006.

Companies Indexes

- A Saudi newspaper mentioned that the Saudi company for basic industries "Sabic", the biggest chemical company in the world in terms of market value, has decided to increase the wages by 6%.
- Gulf Capital Company said that owned together with another investors the remaining 50% of the shares of the Gulf Company for Marinal Services (Gulf Marine Services), the biggest company of marinal platforms and the supporting ships working in the UAE.
- The Palestinian "Yellow Pages" Company, owned by the group of companies of the Emarati (Al-Wahda Express) is preparing for starting its activities in the Palestinian territories by the first of next November.

Conferences & Exhibitions

- The International Islamic Conference for Financing the infrastructure is due to be held at the Qatari capital al Doha on the fourth and fifth of next November with the participation of 250 bankers, investors, businessmen and others.
- Dubai is due to host between 19-21 of next November the activities of the summit of the Middle East for the technology of telecommunications and information in gas and oil sector "OT Summit".

Bids & Contracts

- A newspaper mentioned that the Kuwaiti Trade Bank and the Kuwaiti Real Estate Company "Louloa’a" have reached an agreement for selling their shares at Bahrain and Kuwait bank located in al Manama.
- The private "Gulf Capital" company, located in Abu Dhabi, said that it bought with other investors the remaining 50% share at the Gulf Company for Marinal Services.
- A Consortium led by the state-owned Qatari "Diar" company and the French construction company "Vinci" have signed an initial agreement for building a bridge between Qatar and Bahrain with 40 km long with a total cost estimated at $2 bn.
- Russia hops to sign a new agreement with China for importing ten planes of 2-204-120 SI to China after implementing an agreement that was signed before stipulating selling China five planes.

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