Cuba´s health and food sectors appear as the most vulnerable areas for the US blockade, reads a declaration by the Cuban Mission, which was handed over to the media accredited at the United Nations.

Cuban medical institutions, which offer the population free health care, have experienced the damage of emergency services since they have no access to modern diagnostic techniques or medications produced in the United States.

The US anti-Cuba measure hinders the capacity of the island’s health care sector to purchase medical equipment, spare parts and other resources made in America.

Some of the most affected emergency services include attention to patients in serious conditions, surgical units and other specialized ones both for adults and children, as well as the assistance to pregnant women, reads the Cuban declaration.

The document denounces that the impact of the US blockade has also hindered health promotion actions and disease prevention.

The Cuban declaration is circulating at the UN, prior to the debate by the General Assembly, for fifteenth consecutive years, of the “Need to put an end to the economic, financial and commercial US Blockade of Cuba,” scheduled to take place next October 30th.

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