Fidel also said Chavez is a tireless fighter for the survival of the human species, as he spoke during the Venezuelan president’s TV show, “Alo Presidente.” This Sunday’s show was broadcast from the central Cuban city of Santa Clara, in Villa Clara Province, near the mausoleum that holds the remains of Che and his comrades-in-arms who fought in Bolivia.

During the phone conversation with Chavez, Fidel insisted on calling Che Guevara a planter of ideas and conscience, making reference to Jose Marti’s quote saying that “trenches of ideas are worth more than trenches of stones.”

Fidel explained that he wanted all Cuban children and future generations to be like Che because he was an example worthy to follow.

Regarding Chavez’ visit to the mausoleum, the Cuban President said he was very moved by Chavez singing a song in front of the deep recess in the wall where Che’s mortal remains rest, alongside with his guerrilla comrades.

Likewise, the Cuban leader said he was impressed by the detailed explanation provided by Division General Ramon Pardo Guerra on the seizing of the armored train by the troops of the Cuban rebel army under the command of Che Guevara back in 1958. This was a decisive battle in the triumph of the Revolution, Castro noted.

Fidel pointed out that a multitude of people followed Chavez in his tour of historical sites in Santa Clara.

While talking about the situation currently faced in Bolivia, Nicaragua and Ecuador, Chavez recalled that during his previous encounter, he and Fidel shared Che’s belief of the need for Vietnam’s victory over the US to be repeated.

Iraq was another Vietnam, as it was standing up before the "tyrannical military power of the great Empire," said Fidel, referring to the US.

During the lengthy telephone call, Chavez said tomorrow, October 15, new cooperation agreements will be signed between Cuba and Venezuela as part of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas project (ALBA). He said the new deals cover several sectors. He also confirmed his visit on Monday to the oil refinery in Cienfuegos, where a joint program is being held leading up to the upcoming opening of the facility.

Chavez insisted that Cuba and Venezuela are charged with continuing to raise ideas and lead programs to save humankind, while highlighting that socialism is the only means of reaching that goal.

Despite imperialist and oligarchic campaigns against the two nations, both presidents emphasized that their governments have fused into one and that they have joined together in the effort to build a Latin American and Caribbean confederation.

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