Before representatives of the Cuban and foreign press accredited in Cuba, Perez Roque said that the White House intends to further reinforce the economic blockade of Cuba, encourage internal subversive groups and try to submit the Cuban people to hunger and disease.

In response to the offensive speech by US President George Bush on Wednesday, the Cuban diplomat ratified the Cuban people’s determination to defend their sovereignty and independence.

The Cuban people will not accept any kind of threat or blackmail, said the Cuban foreign minister and he suggested to the US president that instead of announcing new anti-Cuba measures, he should respect the rights of the Cuban people to their own independence and sovereignty.

Perez Roque also sent a message to Bush suggesting that he should drop the failed idea of encouraging and financing internal opposition in Cuba as well as dismount TV and Radio Marti which, offend the Cuban National Hero by using his name. He also demanded the immediate lifting of the US economic blockade of Cuba and the abolishment of the Helms-Burton and Torricelli laws.

The Cuban foreign minister demanded the elimination of the ban on travel to Cuba for US citizens and those who reside in the U.S. and who want to visit their families in Cuba. The United States must stop encouraging illegal emigration from Cuba; it is a policy that leads to the loss of human lives, said Perez Roque.

The Cuban government official said that US president Bush must extradite terrorist Luis Posada Carriles to Venezuela or try him in the United States and put an end to the impunity enjoyed by US-based terrorist groups.

Bush must immediately close the torture center in the Guantanamo naval base, a Cuban territory illegally occupied by the United State, said Perez Roque and he added that the White House must put an end to its pressure on the international community to support the US anti-Cuba policy.

The Cuban Foreign Minister said that Bush will fail in his interest to get hold of Cuba and he warned Bush that the United States will find here the same resistance that they found in Iraq and in Vietnam.

The Cuban diplomat sent the American people a respectful message, saying that they are also victims of the Bush administration, and he sent his deep felt message to the California citizens for the consequences of the latest forest fires.

The Cuban people’s slogan is courage, absolute serenity, confidence in our forces, said Felipe Perez Roque, who pointed out that “we reject every word and action that attacks the independence and sovereignty of the Cuban people and we are sure that the day, when the US blockade will be lifted, is coming.”

Imperial threats will never stop the advance of a society determined to be even more socialist, just and humane, concluded the Cuban Foreign Minister.

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