A Global Warming or Holding Breaths?

The General Secretariat of the UN for Climate Change has revealed in Bonn that the emission of Carbon by the rich countries has increased lately closing their highest levels ever in 2005 despite the restrictions aiming at slowing down the average of the increase of the globe’s temperature
The General Secretariat estimate that the emission of Carbon since 2000 has increased by 2.6%, whereas the first statistics issued by the UN based on national statistics in 2005, points out that the emission of Carbon in the US, which for so long has been the biggest country in releasing carbon, have risen to 7.24 billion tons in 2005 compared to 7.19 billion tons in 2004. Moreover, the Russian emission of Carbon has also risen to 2.13 billion tons in 2005 compared to 2.09 billion tons in 2004. The competition between the camp of socialism and the camp of imperialism is so evident and is still going on, not with the aim of controlling the world economically, rather with the aim of holding its breath completely once and for all.
Note: Of course, there is no need to fear for us in the Middle East taking into consideration that our breaths are held due to the great pressures we suffer from, the first of which are economic ones and the last …

Japan Grants Iraq $5 million 4 of Them for the Iraqi Refugees in Syria

Japan has decided to grant Iraq an emergency aids for the Iraqi refugees with a total amount of $5.8 m with the aim of improving their living conditions, four million of them will be granted for the Iraqi refugees in Syria and Jordan through the Higher Commission of the UN for Refugees Affairs to provide medical equipment, food stuff, and clothes.

The International Meeting of the Financial and Investing Institutions to be Held in Damascus

The International Meeting of the Financial and Investing Institutions in Syria will be held in Damascus between 21-22 of this month under the title: “The Role of the Financial Services in the Prosperity of Investing Markets” in cooperation with the Syrian Commission of Banknotes and Financial Markets, the Commission of Investment, and the Syrian Union for Insurance Companies. More than 500 participants of the trade, investing banks, financial institutions, academic, legislative, and governmental bodies will take part in the meeting.

Lebanon and Kuwait Sign Agreements for Financing Economic and Developmental Projects

Lebanon and Kuwait have signed in Beirut 13 agreements for financing developmental and economic projects in different Lebanese areas with a total amount of $60 m.

The Increase of the Kuwaiti Chamco Profits by 32 million dinars

The Investing “Masharee al Kuwait” Company for the Management of Assets “Chamco” said that its profits during the third quarter of this fiscal year has increased by 130% compared to the profits of the same period of last year.

Emirates Airlines Hits a Record in Terms of Profits

Emirates Airlines announced that it hit a record in terms of the financial results compared to the first half of the fiscal year 2007-2008 with a total amount of 2.36 billion dirhams and with an increase of 99% compared to 1.18 billion dirhams during the first half of the previous fiscal year.

The Biggest Arab Economic Form to be Held in Tunisia

The Tunisian mass media said yesterday that Tunisia Economic Forum, which is considered the biggest of its kind in the Arab world, will be held in the capital Tunisia between 9-10 of November. The participants will discuss issues related to banks, tourism, real estate, health, information technology sectors.

The European-Asian Economic Meeting to be Held in China

The European-Asian Economic Meeting was held on last Thursday in She Anne city in China with the presence of a number of senior officials of the participating countries. The meeting will discuss issues related to tourism, energy, financial, economic, as well as education affairs.

Small Indexes

 The average of inflation in Saudi Arabia has reached its highest level ever in Ten years at least last September which increased the pressures exercises on the biggest country in terms of oil export in the world to contain the increase anger due to the increase of pressures.
 The revenues of the Emarati airlines has achieved a growth rate estimated at 30.5% reaching 31.1 billion dirhams.
 The Minister of Small and Medium-Sized Institutions in Algeria said that the revenues of the traditional industry in Algeria have exceeded $15 m annually.

Companies’ Indexes

 The Giant American Media Group “Time Warner” announced that it profits during the third quarter of this year have declined by 53% compared to the same period of last year, due to the selling of assets which had a positive impact with regard to the results of the same period of last year.
 The results of activities of the Egyptian Sede Carrier for Petrochemicals company showed that it achieved a net profit during the first nine month of the fiscal year 2007 estimated at 749.498 million Egyptian pounds compared to 724.007 million pounds achieved at the same period of the fiscal year 2006 with an increase of 3.5%.
 General Motors Cars Company said on Wednesday that its losses during the third quarter of 2007 have reached $1.6 billion, i.e. $2.80 per one share due the decline of selling and the strike of the syndicate of cars workers which lasted for two days.


 The General commission of Civil Aviation in the UAE and the Establishment of Aviation Safety has announced that they will organize the first conference in the Middle East for Aviation Safety in 21-22 of January 2008 in Abu Dhabi.
 The 13th session of the exhibition Sham-2007 for the Technology of Information and Telecommunications was opened on Wednesday at the fairgrounds in Damascus taking part in the exhibition 36 Arab and Foreign countries representing 444 trade marks specialized in the field of information programming and computers.


 The Egyptian Stock Market said that (Maser al Jadeda) company for Housing and Construction has achieved an increase of its profits estimated at 19.7% during the first fiscal quarter which ended in September, reaching $8.34 m.
 The Egyptian Company for Trade and Marketing expressed its wish to sell all of its share in the company’s capital estimated at 37.5 million Egyptian pounds through a general bid in sealed envelopes to be opened later at the company’s site on 11-12 of this month.

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