The Active Development Partner

It has become evident that the development of society in general crossroads with the concept of the real partnership of all components of the society and in the different fields of life and specially the economic one. It seems that women, in the last years, have had a good opportunity for exhibiting the importance of giving them the opportunity to take part in the economic field and building their societies. A few days ago, the International economic forum announced the indicator of “The Gap of Equality between the Sexes in 2007”, shedding light on the economic propeller as a drive to enable woman. Yesterday it was announced in the UAE, and under the patronage of Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak the Honorary Chairman of the Council of Emirate’s businesswoman, launching the activities of “The First International Economic Women Forum” under the moto “Women are Active Partner in Development”. The discussions of these international forum will be focused mainly on the benefit gained by the economy through giving women the opportunity and enable them within the agenda of the reform in supporting the economy. Moreover, the forum will discuss the opportunities of investment available for women in the world and the obstacles they are facing and means of supporting and backing them, in addition to focusing on the concept of the small and middle sized projects as an economic demand for a secure future. It is expected that a focus will be directed to warn the governments of the importance of exploiting the abilities of the people and specially women’s abilities, and pushing forward to build the economic thought of women.

6 Million Tourists Visit Tunisia

Figures issued by the Tunisian Ministry of Tourism said that 5.85 million tourists have visited Tunisia between January-October, with an increase of 3% compared to 206. Moreover the revenues of tourism have risen by 8.3% reaching 2.53 bn dinars which goes in line with the government’s expectations to reach 3 billion dinars this year.

A Call for Forming United Markets for Energy in Asia

The General Secretary of the General Assembly of the Asian Parliaments Mohammad Hadi Najad Housenian, said in the opening ceremony of the second meeting of the Executive Council of the General Assembly of the Asian Parliaments in Tehran, that forming unified markets of energy in Asia is considered one of the main goals of the General Assembly of the Asian Parliaments.

Al Arabi Bank Grants a Loan of $1.35 bn for Financing the Project of Agelety Company

Al-Arabi Bank has signed, with the participation of a number of regional and international banks, the agreement of a banking loan estimated at $1.35 bn for the interest of Agelety Company for integrated services and logistic solutions.

Syria, Britain, and the Unifem Sign the Document of the Project of Good Governance

Syria, Britain, and the UNDP for Woman “UNIFEM” have signed the document of the project of good governance to be carried out in al Sweida, Dara’a and Quneitra. The Syrian News Agency (SANA) said that the project aims at enhancing the good governance on the level of the governorates, public and civil organizations, and increasing the awareness of the local society with the rights of women through the public organizations and the organizations of the local society. The budget of the project is estimated 9.5 million Syrian pounds.

Saudi Arabia says it Will Not Engage its Currency with a Basket of Currencies

A Saudi source said that the kingdom might discuss raising the value of its currency with the other oil producing countries in the Gulf area, adding that it has no plans to give up the policy of engaging the exchange rate of the riyal with the American dollar which is witnessing a continuous decline and replace it with a basket of currencies.

Small Indexes

- An economic study estimated the volume of the non-exploited assets in Egypt by $240 bn since ten years, and which its value reached today following the increase of the prices of real estates to $500 bn which equals fifty times double of the value of the foreign investments in Egypt.
- The average of dealings in the Jordanian stock market has declined by 14.7% as a result of a state of caution which prevailed over the decisions of the investors and the decline of dealings in the leading companies.
- The regional office of the International Gold Council in Dubai said that the volume of gold selling in Dubai has increased by 21% during the third quarter of 207 compared to the same period of last year.
- Prolides research foundation expected the volume of investments of the GCC countries in the sector of telecommunications to exceed the barrier of $375 bn amid an expansion of the sector locally and internationally.

Companies’ Indexes

- The General Director of Algeria’s telecommunications complex said that the complex will build 48 telecommunications centers in 2008 all over the country which will create more than 4000 job opportunities.
- A publication issued by the Middle East Economic Digest (MEED) said that the real estate Ima’ar Company has suspended working on a joint project with a value estimated at 42 bn Riyals ($11.2 bn) in Saudi Arabia unless it has been granted the necessary authorizations.
- The Italian “Italia” group has been granted a license for establishing a new cement factory in Tunisia with a total value of 140 million Euro, according to a statement issued by the Tunisian Ministry of Industry.

Exhibitions & Conferences

- The Arab-British Chamber of Trade in London will organize next December the meeting of “The Algerian Market”, according to the Algerian ambassador to Britain.
- The negotiations of the fifth round of free trade between South Korea and European Union will start on Monday in the Belgian capital Brussels.

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