Investment in Drama and Information in Syria

What prevents the Syrian informatic product from facing the fate of the series “Bab al Hara”? or let us ask: can investment in the field of information prosper in Syria as much as the prosperity achieved by the Syrian TV series?
These are the questions raised by Dr. Bashir al Munajeed, the former Minister of Telecommunications and Technology in Syria with the aim of diagnosing the reality of information sector and discussing opportunities and challenges. Mr. al Munjeed concluded that there is a big similarity in the mechanisms of dramatic production and information production in the sense that it is an intellectual production, for example, as well as the presence of the cadre qualified for an advanced and competitive production. But what has been given to the Syrian drama was not given till now to the industry of information, i.e,. the great demand as well as the presence of an adventurous capital.
So can the Syrian information industry succeed like the series Bab al Hara deed. Dr. al Munjeed answers this question by saying: “What we have missed till now is the 23 of the train only!, and unless we catch up with the third part of the train during the coming five years, we will not be able to do that in the future.

The Holding Sham Company Enters the Sector of Oil and Energy with International Partnerships

The Administrative Board of the Holding Sham Company has agreed on concluding a partnership agreement with the oil company “Golf Sands” for cooperation in the fields of exploration oil and gas. The agreement stipulates on establishing a joint stock corporation with a total capital of $5 m, the share of Sham Company will be 65%.

Iraq Intends to Conclude a Contract for Building Electricity Generating Station with a Total Value of $940 m

An official in the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity has revealed lately that a high ranking Iraqi delegation paid China a visit with the aim of concluding a contract with a total value of $940 m for building a thermo-station for producing electricity with a total capacity of 130 megawatt in al Zoubeida area in Waset governorate.

Iran and South Africa Seek a Distinctive Industrial Cooperation

The Iranian Minister of Industry and Mining Ali Akbar Mahrabian said during his meeting with the chairman of a southern African delegation Rab Davis and during discussing a proposal for establishing a consortium between Iran and South African for offering services for other countries was discussed, that South African, being one of the most important industrial countries in Africa, is able to be a good partner in this consortium.

$1 bn, the Total Profits of the Egyptian Orascom Telecom Company

The Egyptian holding company Orascom telecom said that its net profits during the first nine months of 2007 have reached $1.3 bn opposite to $579 million during the same period of the last fiscal year.

Sarkozy announces French Investments with a Total Value of $2.5 bn in Algeria

The French Companies Total and Gaz De France intend to invest $2.5 bn in addition to other $1 bn in Algeria according to the Algerian Al-Shrooq newspaper and the Algerian news agency which quoted the French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Press report mentioned that the two countries will sign a cooperation agreement in the sector of nuclear energy.

Small Indexes

- Big Gulf countries in terms of oil production left the door open in OPEC to the possibility of increasing oil supplies, which will might prevent prices of crude oil to reach $100 per barrel.
- The revenues of Sudan of oil selling during last October have reached $536 m, among them $419.4 m the revenues of exports, and $116.7 million the revenues used in local refineries.
- Gasprom Company, the leading company in terms of gas exports in Russia, said that Ukraine agreed on increasing the prices of its imports of the Russian gas by 38% in 2008, which will ease worry about the danger of stopping supplies of gas to Europe.

Companies’ Indexes

- Ima’ar Company for Industry and Investment, affiliated by the real estate Ima’ar Company, said that it acquired the majority share in Kababrol limited company, the arm of the German Deutsche Amphpolin Werke in Dubai.
- Intel Company has signed a memorandum of understanding with the foundation of “Arab Thought” with the aim of establishing bases of futuristic corporation with regard to educational programs in the region. This step came on the sidelines of the sixth conference of the foundation of Arab Thought.


- Kia Motors-Saudi Arabia will take part in Jeddeh International Exhibition for Cars 2007. Kia will exhibit the colors of the European teams which qualified to the championship in addition to a new group from Kia model.


- The holding Qatar Company give up the idea of buying OMX company for stock markets management North of Europe with the aim of focusing on a possible agreement according to which it will become the biggest contributor in London stock market.

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