America Continues Destroying Life on Earth

The Indonesian Bali island is witnessing these days the meeting of the delegations of more than 180 countries with the aim of reaching a new agreement on combating climate change. The UN, which called for this meeting, hopes the meeting which will last between 3-14 of December to offer a Road Map of talks during the coming two years to reach an agreement with regard to what will happen after the end of Kyoto protocol in 2012.
Mass media assert that America is still obstinate and refuses to hold responsibility towards its people and the world in committing it self to decrease the average of gas imitations which causes global warming, making it self the only industrial country which does not give any attention and which does not take any series step to face the possible disaster which could result from destroying life on earth unless it is was faced as soon as possible. Instead of responding positively with the demands of protestors who rallied on Saturday in more than 50 cities around the world to attract attention to the climate changes which threaten our planet, the American administration represented by the American delegation in Bali said that its country was not ready to abide itself with international restrictions and laws on climate.

The Emarati Telecommunications Company is granted the Right to Use One Million Digits by the Symbol “056”

The General Commission for Organizing the sector of Telecommunications has granted the Emarati Telecommunications Institutions “Itisalat” the right to use one million digits within the code No. 056 for its subscribers in mobile phones services after consuming completely the code number used by the company, i.e. 050.

Sap as a Strategic Provider for Information Technology in Egypt

The International Sap Company said that the Egyptian government has chosen it as a strategic provider of technical software specialized in planning the sources of institutions. The two sides concluded a memorandum of understanding for five years estimated by millions of dollars starting from 2008, in addition to a deal for four years with the Egyptian post institution.

Iran Says Goodbye for Dollar in the Oil Sector

Ghulan Hussein Nozari, the Iranian Oil Minister said that his country stopped dealing with the American dollar in its oil dealings, adding that Iran has started to use a package of other currencies in its oil dealings due to the loss of trust in dealing with the American currency.

The Arab Business Meeting Starts its Activity in Damascus on Saturday

The activities of the 11th meeting of the society of Arab businessmen, organized by the Union of Arab Businessmen and the Society of Syrian Businessmen and Women is due to start in Damascus next Saturday. The two day meeting will focus on papers on prospects of investment in Syria and the role of the Arab institutions for securing investment in supporting the Arab investment cooperation, as well as the experience of the economic cities in Saudi Arabia and the effects of the financial reforms on the performance of banknotes market.

The German-Kuwaiti Company Acquires 45% of Winge Wood Factory

Chairman of the Administrative Board of the German Kuwaiti Company said that the company has acquired at last 45% of the capital of the German Wood Factory “Winge” with a total value of 130m Euros, adding that the factory was ranked fourth world wide in wood factory.
He further pointed out that the company invests mainly in the German market and its has no investments in Kuwait.

Small Indexes

 Dr. Abdul Aziz al Haza’a, Director of Training in the National Project for the Development of Human Tourist Resources in Saudi Arabia expected the volume of labor in the tourist sector to reach in 2041 to 1.5 million workers.
 The Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexandar Yakovenko said that Russia has become for the first time since the establishment of Unido a donor state for this organization, adding that the decision of the Russian government stipulates that Russia grants the organization $2.6 m annually.
 Prices of Real Estates in Britain have witnessed in November sharp declines since about 12 months, as the general average of real estates prices declined by 8/10 points, which is the sharpest monthly decline recorded since last February.

Companies Indexes

 The American Pro Technology Company, specialized in the field of providing solutions of telecommunications, protection and storing information has launched the first hardware engine, size 2.5 inch and with a total storing capacity of 300 gigabyte in the world.
 Economic agreements between Portugal and Libya were signed in the Portuguese Foreign Ministry in Lisbon that included specifically buying 50% of the shares of the governmental Libyan Cement Company by a Portuguese Company. The Executive Chairman of the Egyptian Orascom Telecom Company, Najeeb Saweres said that the company is not for sale in an auction, saying that the report issued by the British Sunday Times concerning that the company is for sale was false.


 The activities of the Fifth Forum of the Gulf Share Markets, organized by Datamatix in Burj al Arab Hotel in Dubai concluded its activities yesterday evening. A number of leaders, directors of investment sectors and Gulf markets of financial shares as well as executive chairman took part in the forum.
 Dubai center for multi goods announced today that the conference of the International Union for Jewelries-2008 will be held in Dubai between 14-16 of next April with the participation of the most prominent institutions and experts in the trade of Jewelries from all over the world.


 Emarat Telecommunications Company “Itisalat” and “Nokia” company have signed a partnership agreement among them with the aim of accelerating the process of adapting the new internet services dedicated for “Nokia” mobile phones in the UAE.
 Iran and the Chinese Oil Company Sinopec have signed a final agreement with billions of dollars for investing the Iranian oil field “Yadoran”.

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