In statements to the press, the Cuban diplomat said that the step taken by the island, coinciding with the Human Rights Day celebrations, is the result of a sovereign decision, without any external political influence.

Perez Roque noted that the rights contained in both agreements are widely protected by the national legal system and by the Cuban Revolution policies since their implementation after 1959.

The Cuban Minister said his country will ratify with the signing of the document its close cooperation with the United Nations Organization on the basis of the respect to Cuban national sovereignty.

He said the signing of the international agreement was not possible while the US government used the Human Rights Commission as an inquisitorial trial to prosecute the countries which rebelled against its imperial domination.

"This situation has radically changed with the emergence of the new Human Rights Council, of which Cuba is a founder member along with two thirds of the international community," noted Perez Roque.

The Cuban official also called upon the US administration to end the criminal blockade against the island, close the torture camp in the US Naval base in Guantanamo, extradite confessed terrorist Posada Carriles to Venezuela, and release the five Cuban antiterrorist fighters unjustly held in US prisons for over nine years.

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