A group of women known for their close ties to the US Interests Section in Havana carried out a protest along the Fifth Avenue promenade in front of the Santa Rita de Casia Church on Sunday, with the support of foreigners with tourist visas that came specifically to take part in the protest, reports Granma newspaper.

On Monday, a smaller group orchestrated a similar provocation in the Villalon Park in the Vedado neighborhood in front of the Amadeo Roldan Theater.

On both occasions, workers, students and nearby residents, armed with the humanist and ethical principles that unite revolutionaries, verbally confronted the protesters.

Behind the incidents was the pretext of celebrating International Human Rights Day to step up the subversive activity against Cuba promoted by the Bush administration, which is completely committed with the anti-Cuba Mafia in southern Florida and its diplomatic representatives in Havana.

Throughout the year, officials at the US Interests Section have held more than 300 contacts of diverse types with locals on the payroll of the highly publicized White House objective to destroy the Cuban revolution.

In recent weeks, and by diverse means, including illegal radio broadcasts and Internet sites designed specifically to undermine Cuban society, statements and calls to turn International Human Rights Day on December 10 into a distorted publicity stunt were issued: hoping to show the world an image of a supposed active internal opposition.

The serenity, firmness and civic nature of the Cuban people impeded the provocations from succeeding and both events, with few participants, petered out. The goal of the mercenaries, many of whom have criminal records, is to obtain favors that will facilitate their emigration to the United States.

Hours after the last incident, the close ties between Washington and its lackeys on the island was clearly revealed. Around 60 of the protesters were invited to the house of US Interests Section officials on the corner of 7th Avenue and 24th Street in the Miramar district. They were then taken to the home of the head of the Interests Section, Michael Parmly, who honored them for their services and encouraged them to persevere, backed by a new budget of US $45.7 million —recently approved by the US Congress— that will guarantee the salaries of the mercenaries.

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