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See an exceptional and interesting documentary on what is really brewing in Latin American continent

In order to have a united Latin America, let´s defend our interests democratically

The following documentary was made by the «Calle y Media» audiovisual cooperative and it shows in the most objective and sincere way the causes and reasons of what is really happening in Latin America, and particularly the social encouraging machine that Venezuela has become itself. Our societies are moving in the 21st century.


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Technical data: Venezuela Bolivariana: Pueblo y Lucha de la IV Guerra Mundial (Bolivarian Venezuela: People and Struggle in World War IV) (2004-76 min/DVD).
In Spanish, captions in English.

«This is it»

Our neo-liberal paradise already has a river.
It is a silenced Word,
a well-stocked supermarket
(the happy inheritance of the Military Junta),
a song on FM radio.
An homeopathic vendor.
This is it.

Oscar Barrientos Bradasic, Chilean poet and writer.
In «Eglora de los cantaros sucios,» El Kultrun publishing house, 2004.

Presentation of the video documentary: «Venezuela Bolivariana: Pueblo y Lucha de la IV Guerra Mundial».
It is a 76-minute documentary depicting the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela as part of the World movement against capitalist globalization. The video shows the development of the Venezuelan people’s movement since the «Caracazo» revolt in 1989, up to the massive actions that helped rescue Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, 48 hours after the military coup that tried to oust him. The plot of the documentary explains how the Bolivarian Revolution, thanks to the incredible power of its popular networks, has become a revolution that goes beyond Venezuelan borders and contributes its concrete alternatives to the struggle against neo-liberal capitalism.

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