The Iraqi Monuments are Exhibited in America

UNESCO has warned lately that building barracks for the Iraqi police near the Great Mosque, which is considered a valuable building in Samarea’a, will make it a target for attacks. Iraq is facing a great difficulty in protecting its cultural heritage, and in need of the international aids for facing the continuous steeling of its historical properties amid occupation since steeling Baghdad museum in 2003.
Qais Hussein Rashid, the Director of Excavations in Iraq, said that his country is facing a great challenge for preserving its monuments from steeling that are estimated at 12.000 sites. It is worth mentioning that the occupation has had a very negative impact with regard to the Iraqi monuments, in the sense that there are many important historical sites that were used by the occupation army. Babel city was under the control of the Polish forces which remained there for four years and this caused a real disaster. Moreover, there is an American military base in the historical city “Oar” and also in other sites where very important historical sites were blown up with the pretext that they were used by the resistance. For example, the historical city Khan al Dalouia were blown lately, and now there is a museum in the American city Texas that exhibits a portrait of Saddam Hussein with flags and monuments representing a part of unlimited number of monuments that were taken out from Iraq as a result of the American silence with regard to these stealing. During the coming ten years these stealing will be made public when the American people will be acquainted with the details of the military operations carried out by its army abroad.

The International Dubai Company Establishes the Second Biggest Economic Zone in Saudi Arabia

The International Dubai Company has started to take steps for building the city of the holding “Rakeza” and developing as well as managing it in Saudi Arabia with investments estimated at $8 bn.
The International “Javaza”, the arm for developing the free zones which is affiliated by the International Dubai Company, has revealed that it has set up an integrated plan for developing the city located in the Saudi Hael area.

The Real Estate Snasco Company Plans for Developing its Activities in Abu Dhabi Markets

The Saudi Snasco Company said that it is about to invest in Abu Dhabi real estate market following launched its project “The Investment Center of al Sharjja” in al Sharjja.
Saleh al Sare, Chairman of the Administrative Board of Snasco Company said that this plan comes after the successful experience by launching the project of the investment center of al Sharjja, pointing out that Abu Dhabi enjoys a solid infrastructure that makes it qualified for receiving great real estate projects.

The International Forum of Businesswomen to be Held in Dubai

Datamatx Group is due to organize the tenth international forum of businesswomen between 7-8 of next March at Burj al Arab Hotel in Dubai. On the sidelines of Women International Day, with the presence of a great number of leaderships and prominent governmental and private women figures of world countries. The forum aims at shedding light on the strategies that contribute in increasing the qualifications and discussing the challenges that facing businesswomen.

$8.2 bn, the Revenues of the Egyptian Tourism for this Year

The Egyptian Minister of Tourism Zouheir Jarna said that his country has occupied a prominent position worldwide in terms of attracting the direct foreign investments and specially in the field of tourism, pointing out that the number of hotels rooms that were booked reached 188.0000 rooms with an increase of 6.5% compared to last year.

Small Indexes

- Libya was ranked the second oil producer in Africa, with a production capacity estimated at 7.1 million barrels daily, owning an oil reserve estimated at 42 billion barrels.
- The average of the contribution of telecommunication sector in the GDP in the UAE has reached 4.5% with expectations to reach 7% by 2010.
- Chairman of the trade-industrial chamber in Jeddeh said that the real estate market is witnessing a considerable growth rate which is considered the fastest of its kind in Saudi Arabia, which led to an enormous rise in the volume of real estate investments estimated at more than 1 trillion riyals, reaching about $300 billion during this year.

Companies’ Indexes

- Microsoft Company has sold 4.3 million units of the video games X-Box 360 during the last three months from 2007.
- The General Director of “Basmeh” Company for the Management of Real Estate said that it launched the research service of real estates sites, the first of its kind in the Middle East that offers services for local and international retail companies.


- The International Dubai Seaport Company said that it invested $32 m for buying a share in a company in Mozambique that runs the seaport of the capital Maputo with the aim of getting benefit of shipment goods in the South part of Africa.
- The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism has signed a memorandum of understanding with Sudan for establishing a holding company between a number of Egyptian businessmen and the three biggest tourist companies in Sudan on condition that the holding company will set up and carry out joint tourist programs for the Egyptian-Sudanese product in the Nile valley.


- The activities of the 40th session of Cairo International Exhibition of Books are due to start on the 23rd of this month with the participation of 17 Arab countries and 15 foreign countries on a total space area estimated at 50.000 square meters.

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