In what has been described as a historic day for Colombia, Latin America and the world, the FARC handed the two women over to a humanitarian mission, headed by President Hugo Chavez, deep inside the Colombian jungle. Moving images of the successful operation, which ended with President Hugo Chavez receiving the two Colombian women in Caracas with their relatives, were broadcast live by Telesur re-broadcast on Cuban Television.

After being freed in the heart of the Colombian jungle and in the presence of officials from Venezuela, Cuba and the International Red Cross, both women thanked President Hugo Chavez for his selfless support and for having contributed to the opening of a new path towards peace.

Clara Rojas, a former vice presidential candidate, and ex-parliamentarian Consuelo Gonzalez expressed their respect and gratitude to the FARC guerrilla fighters who accompanied them and said that an exchange of political prisoners is possible and part of the much longed for peace in a country that has been at war for decades.

Cuban Ambassador to Caracas German Sanchez, who took part in the operation, described the event as a historic development for Latin America. He thanked the Alvaro Uribe government and said that the heartbeat of the planet could be heard in Colombia during the release of the hostages.

From the very beginning, the operation made media headlines in Latin America and the world, which also echoed the messages of congratulations sent by the governments of Ecuador, Brazil, Mexico and others, as well as international organizations and personalities.

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